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Custom Man Caves in the Garage: Shelving, Storage Units, and Other Design Ideas for Guys

3 minute read, by Closet America, on Jul 18, 2022

We could all use a place to escape from time to time, and man caves give guys a space where they can unwind, relax, and have some much-needed time to themselves.

Man caves were previously reserved almost exclusively to the basement, but today, garage man caves are becoming more and more popular. We’ve seen some pretty incredible garage to man cave transformations, and we’re sure you have too! Man caves can be an opportunity to create the ultimate sports bar where you and your buddies can hang out and watch the games. They can also offer a quiet place where you can work on new projects, a place to tinker on your motorcycle undisturbed, as well as offer some much needed storage space. We are a firm believer that man cave garage designs should include storage and other organizational solutions that have comfort and style in mind.

In this blog, we’ll be mainly focusing on how to incorporate shelving into some of the different garage man cave themes. This is because they can give you the perfect opportunity to display your prized possessions while also helping you stay organized and avoid cluttering up the space.

Adding Shelving for Bar Storage

If you’re considering a garage to man cave transformation, adding a bar to the design is a great idea. In fact, we could probably think of many reasons why all garage man caves could use a bar! Including shelving in the bar area gives you the perfect place to neatly display bottles of your favorite adult beverages, glasses, and other accessories. You can go one step further by adding some LED light strips to the shelves. This can give the space a unique look and even turn this storage solution into a statement piece!

Adding Shelving to Display Your Favorite Movie and Pop Culture Memorabilia

Man cave garages are never complete without a place to display all of your collectibles that your wife doesn’t want to display in the house. It can also keep your collectibles safe if you’re concerned that the kids might mistake them for toys. Whether you have statues, figurines, keepsakes, or collectables, adding shelving to the man cave gives you a dedicated place to display them and keep them safe. Having a wide range of collectibles may even leave you wanting to work with a professional designer to create custom shelving for displaying them. This way, you can display them in a truly deserving fashion and have a storage solution built around your collection, making it more special.

Storage for Bar Games, Video Games, Hobbies, and More

Shelving is a great storage option for everything you want to display or have quick access to. However, garage man caves will need more than just shelving to keep you organized. Thankfully, there are a variety of options for storing the other things that you don’t need as often but still want easy access to. Some alternative storage options would be generic cabinetry or cubbies with baskets, some simple dressers, or even an armoire. These could help store items such as your bar games, video games, and other hobby-related items. Yet, if you truly want to make the space customized to your needs, you should work with a professional designer to help with your garage to man cave transformation.

Have these ideas for garage man caves inspired you to create your own? Working with the organizational and design experts at Closet America can help you create a space that’s truly unique to you and your interests and transform the garage into your new favorite room on the property. Contact us today to get started!

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