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Custom Entertainment Center Ideas for Small Spaces

4 minute read, by Closet America, on Mar 3, 2020

Our expert designers help you make the most of your limited living room area with a few clever custom entertainment center ideas for small spaces.

Even if you live in a vibrant, affluent neighborhood like our neighbors here in Richmond, VA, apartment living can put a bit of a damper on your ambitions to entertain. A small, historic house, though a little bigger, may not be much better if you’ve been dreaming of hosting big parties or game nights with a large group of friends.

But bigger isn’t always better, and our expert designers here at Closet America can help you make the most of your limited living room area with these custom entertainment center ideas for small spaces.


Entertainment Center Ideas for Small Spaces

Ingenuity is key to dealing with small area organization, especially when you’re entertaining, and preparation alone can be daunting. As an old Chinese proverb goes, “Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are.”

So, when you want to avoid stress, you’ll need a simple design solution for your living room focusing around the entertainment center and making your small space seem like an exciting place for entertainment, movies, and games.

custom entertainment center

Here are some entertainment center ideas for small spaces that will help you not only reorganize but reinvent your central room’s atmosphere.

  • Incorporate adjustable shelving for displaying small treasures and family photos and for holding your entertainment equipment. Thankfully, this can be adjusted if/when you decide to upgrade to a bigger TV for sports gatherings or buy more game consoles when the ones you currently own inevitably go obsolete.

  • Add splashes of color via decor on your entertainment center’s shelving such as vases, floral arrangements, or even small sculptures to complement and add intrigue to your home: Choose between:

    •  A warm dominant color like tan, which can be complemented with cool accent colors like blue and white.

    • A cool dominant color like chrome or gray, complemented with a warm accent color like a deep, rich red.

  • Dress up your entertainment center with a theme and match your décor to that theme. For example, pair vintage arcade characters with an accompanying book about gaming in the ‘80s on one of your feature shelves for a retro-style party.

  • Add intrigue and depth to your media center by incorporating a stylish shelf of trendy figurines or other collectibles. Whether you’re into football, dancing, animals, or gaming characters, you can display your passion with pride—and add a little visual intrigue to the area in the process.

    • Using glass-plated cabinetry doors can enhance the overall charm of your entertainment center while protecting valuables like antiques, special artwork, or precious collectibles from dust, fingerprints, and other living room liabilities.

  • Balance your center with creativity and art. Do you have unique picture frames that offer a special pattern, design, or bold color? This is a great opportunity to add a splash of creativity to your design scheme.

  • Use custom cabinetry in the entertainment center for hiding away larger items, items that are used less frequently, and those that clearly do not have decorative appeal. This may include gaming and video equipment, books, magazines, DVDs, photo albums, and more.

  • Include slide-out drawers for concealing smaller items like miscellaneous remotes, games, cords for your electronics, and audio components.

The most incredible part of a custom entertainment center is that you can organize all of your favorite entertainment features into one area. When organizing a small apartment or home with your entertainment center as a focal point of your living space, custom design enables you to create a more welcoming and engaging atmosphere for you and your guests.

custom built media center

Once you decide what you want to do with your entertainment center, it’s time to figure out how to implement those ideas.

Implementing Your Entertainment Center Ideas

These fresh entertainment ideas for small spaces can brighten your life and the lives of your special guests. You’ll feel more like entertaining when you have the opportunity to implement some of these ideas. But what’s the best way to bring these ideas to life?

The right custom designer will help you entertain with the space you’ve been given. Consulting a respectable custom designer that also offers manufacturing and installation will ensure that you have all you need to simplify your living area, store away your belongings, and provide the perfect setting for making happy memories with your family and guests. Creating the perfect entertainment center takes work, but you don’t have to do it alone—and with an expert custom designer on your side, you’ll never need to stress about installation (or cleanup after!).

At Closet America, we take care of the heavy lifting for you so that you can focus on what you do best—being a great host! If you’d like help implementing these custom entertainment center ideas for small spaces, don’t hesitate to contact us—or go ahead and schedule a free design consultation today.

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