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Custom Closets Help Glover Park Moms Maintain TV-Style Homes in the 21st Century

4 minute read, by Closet America, on Jun 16, 2017

Bring a little of the classic feel of a 1950’s TV household to your 21st century home with custom closets and storage.

Whether you’re walking your little ones to school at Benjamin Stoddert or going to watch your older kids play softball at Guy Mason Park, Glover Park families are always on the go. When you live in the most idyllic example of middle-class perfection in DC, it’s easy to stay busy and hard to keep everything under control.  

This booming family-friendly neighborhood of DC is known for being the “Leave It to Beaver” community, and local moms surely dream of maintaining the calm of motherly June in the face of all of their own little Beavers’ escapades. Custom closets can help you keep everything under wraps and maintain the appearance (at least) of suburban dignity.

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Start with the Kids’ Custom Closets

Every suburban housewife (or mom of modern-age kids) knows that the mess starts in the kids’ rooms and explodes everywhere else from there. Depending on how messy your home is at the moment, it may be difficult to determine the clutter’s backstory. It’s okay. There’s a reason the Mapleton Drive house was always so clean—and nobody these days has time for all that vacuuming in high heels and pearls.

Instead, give today’s Glover Park troublemakers the kind of closet that will keep their soccer cleats all in a row. Start your custom reach-in closet design with a couple of adjustable shoe shelves, and build your kid’s reach in closet design around that staple. If you can keep the kids’ shoes corralled in a place that makes cleanup easy, your home will stay that much cleaner. Add in dual hanging rods (which really make the most of a small reach-in closet space), a few custom TFL (thermally fused laminate) shelves to hold all those toys, and don’t forget to include a pull-out hamper. Your floors will thank you later.

custom mudroom

Give Your Family a Custom Mudroom

If the front porch of your row house, the rug in front of your back door, and the twenty feet on the way to the garage are a cluttered mess, your Glover Park home may be in need of a serious mudroom makeover. A custom mudroom will make your entryway issues disappear as quickly as Beaver did when his parents found out he’d skipped school.

When you’re designing a storage system for your entry areas, you’ll want to include personal space for each of your kids. Hooks will help you keep their backpacks, jackets, and coats all in one place when they get home. Include a few shelves to house sports bags and gear, and you’ll be all set to get your brood out the door without any mess in your way.

TFL is an incredibly sturdy material that is also easy to clean—which is a must for a storage system that experiences all the dirt and disorder that your kids can throw at it. You may not have your kids’ fingernails and faces scrubbed before dinner each night, but your entryway will definitely be in check.

custom walk in closet

Take Care of Your Own Space

You spend time caring for your body at your Guy Mason Rec Center yoga classes. You care for your budding produce in the local Victory Garden plot. And as the June Cleaver of your house, you take care of literally everything for your family. You may not vacuum in pearls and heels, but you still deserve the lion’s share of a reward for keeping it all together. Why not care for yourself with your own custom master closet?

A traditional walk-in closet is a blank canvas for the daring designer—and we can guarantee that June and Ward never had a storage space this nice. You can include a whole wall of adjustable shoe shelves to keep that collection in check. Built-in LED lighting helps shine a spotlight on the custom shelves you had installed (and the beautiful handbags and accessories you’ve displayed there). A valet rod holds this evening’s cocktail dress ready for wearing, and a pull-out tie rack is ready for the man of the house to walk through the door at suppertime.

custom walk in closet

Storage Systems Perfect for This Century

The 1960’s housewife may have spent entire days tidying the home and cooking spaghetti with pearls peeking out from under her apron, but custom closets are one way the modern woman can have her real-life Glover Park home under control and still have a life. From the front door to every bedroom in the house, when you’ve got organization systems that perfectly suit your family’s needs, your daily cleaning routine becomes remarkably easier. Go ahead and grab dinner on Wisconsin Avenue. You deserve it.

While you’re out, you may be searching for a custom closet company that can help bring your idealistic suburban dreams to life. Closet America’s design experts are ready to help you tackle your family’s clutter once and for all, in every room in the home. Sign up for your free design consultation today to bring a little of the “Leave It to Beaver” sensibility into the twenty-first century.


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