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Custom Closet Upgrade Ideas to Get You Ready for DC’s Fall Gala Season

4 minute read, by Closet America, on Sep 19, 2016

From velvet-lined jewelry drawers to valet rods, here are the custom closet accessories that will get your walk-in ready for D.C.’s gala season.

Fall has arrived, along with my favorite time of year: gala season. Sequins, lace, and beaded gowns dazzle the city as we celebrate worthy causes and raise money for charity. There are over 55 galas being hosted in the D.C. area this season, each dedicated to fundraising for a specific cause. But with most galas requiring black tie attire, some adjustment to your closet might be necessary to get you fully prepared. Here are a few ways to get your walk-in ready for D.C.’s 2016 season.

Replace Your Seasonal Wardrobe

The start of gala season is an excellent reminder that fall is here, so you should first take some time to swap out off-season clothes to accommodate this shift in weather. This is where having adjustable shelves really helps. You may need to rearrange shelf height in order to make sure that heavier winter clothes fit in the space, opening up hanging room for gowns (and coats).

If additional storage is needed to get  summer clothing out of the way, I often suggest that clients leave 10-12 inches of space across the top of their custom closet system. This gives them an out-of-the-way spot for items they won’t be using for a few months.

Bring Your Gowns into the Spotlight

If you attend quite a few events, you’ll want easy access to your gowns. But depending on how large your evening wardrobe is, this may present a challenge: the larger the collection, the harder it is to sort through.

This is why I often suggest valet rods. They allow you to place your outfit for each evening’s event in a designated area as you get ready and also make it easy to compare outfits or match accessories with valet rodyour chosen gown. These rods are sleek, elegant, and can fit just about anywhere in your closet. 

If you have a valet rod that slides out, you can usually also hang several garments on it, which keeps you from having to hang things on doorknobs or hooks that might not be able to handle the weight. I would recommend placing your valet rod a little higher than eye level since you want to make sure your gown can hang without touching the ground.

Keep Your Jewels Handy

If gala season is the highlight of your year, consider relocating your jewelry to the top drawer of an island or built-in cabinet. This keeps your collection easy to get to as you dress. Plus, a tray with a black velvet lining really allows your jewelry to pop. It’s a wonderful way to showcase everything while protecting it from bumps and scratches.

If you have a lot of jewelry, you might try a jewelry drawer with double trays instead. They provide extra storage while using roughly the same amount of drawer space. This design also gives you the ability to keep your more precious pieces in the bottom tray, where they’re a little more hidden.

Display All Your Gala Shoes Together

I often refer to the shoes I wear for gala events as my “special collection.” I like to keep these separate from my daily use shoes. Getting dressed is easier when you’re choosing from a specific section of footwear that has been curated just for black-tie events. It also helps prevent scuffs and smudges from, say, your favorite pair of old sneakers.

Custom design fortunately offers lots of options for a separate shoe display area. One of my favorite suggestions is adding shelving to an enclosed cabinet space for your gala shoes. This adds a nice touch of elegance. Of course, if you prefer to display everything out in the open, you can also add an adjustable shoe rack that’s just for special-event shoes.

Getting your closet gala-ready doesn’t require much. Making the transition can be as simple as adding a few custom accessories to your space and can make your evening out that much more enjoyable. If you want to get your closet ready for the D.C. season, get in touch with us for a free design consultation. We’d love to help.

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