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Custom Closet Tie Storage and Other Creative Ideas for Remodeling Your Closet

4 minute read, by Closet America, on Nov 7, 2019

Our experts offer up some excellent custom closet tie storage ideas to keep your collection well-sorted and well cared for.

Are you something of a fashion plate? Maybe the very embodiment of taste and style? Whether you’re impressing clients over lunch or soaking up culture at a place like the Kennedy Center, looks count. DC’s that kind of town—so is any metropolis, really. Wrinkles, frayed edges, or discoloration simply won’t do—which is where we come in. Our experts can offer you some excellent custom closet tie storage ideas to keep your collection well-sorted and well cared for. We even have some tips for organizing the rest of your closet, too.

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Custom Closet Tie Storage: What Are Your Options?

Most people with tie collections have a ranking system, whether formal or informal. There are the everyday ties, the dress-up ties, and the real special-occasion ones. You probably store them with great care, but in different ways depending on how often you need to access them and (perhaps subconsciously) how you feel about them.

Here are a few simple and easy ways to customize your master closet to better host your tie collection:

  • Tie rods. Divide off a relatively small space and install a few rods to hang your ties on. Use individual hangers. You can keep your “everyday” ties here, or set out the week’s lineup where they’ll be right at hand when you’re dressing in the morning. It is also a great way to display your favorite or zaniest ties (and admit it, you have a few of those—who doesn’t?), even if it’s for your eyes only. 

  • Tie racks. Retractable racks are a more commonly used storage method because they are highly efficient. You can line up a number of ties and slide them into a narrow space along the edges of other storage features. This is a good option for the ties you wear regularly, but not so often that they need to be front and center at all times.

  • Tie drawers. This one’s for the “good” ties. Customized drawers can store your nicest ties in their most ideal condition—rolled up, and safe from light, dust, and fingerprints. At the same time, they’ll still be easily accessible at a moment’s notice, taking no more effort to locate than a simple opening of a drawer.

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Storing Your Other Accessories

 Customized drawers can be really versatile. We know you were just asking yourself, “Well, what about my cufflinks, bowties, cummerbund, suspenders, sunglasses, belts, pocket squares, tie bars, lapel pins, wallets, watches, and ascots?” The answer is simple: custom-made drawers. You can have drawers in whatever sizes you need with custom fittings inside to hold any of those items—and more. If you’re working with a walk-in closet, you can expand your drawer space by installing an island or a peninsula. The counter space you create at the same time will come in handy, too. 

A few ideas:

  • Store sunglasses and pocket squares on adjustable shelves, maybe along with your colognes and other toiletries

  • Hang belts, scarves, and ascots on racks or rods alongside your ties

  • Keep wallets and watches on racks inside a glass-fronted cabinet

  • Organize tie bars and lapel pins in cases on a countertop

  • Give your shoes proper homes at last on shoe shelves

All of this is, of course, is supplemental to the rods, shelves, drawers, and hampers full of clothes that will share that same closet space—unless, of course, you have a special collection like Elton John’s aggregation of sunglasses, which requires an entire closet of its own to organize and store. (And if you do own such an impressive collection, a fully customized closet is undoubtedly the best place to display it!)

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Customizing Your Ideal Closet Storage Space

Closets seem deceptively simple to put together, but in fact, it often takes some serious design and engineering work to create and install a quality closet system. In most cases, it’s a good idea to call a professional for help once it’s time to stop dreaming and start building. A design consultation with a specially trained design expert is an important first step toward crafting a closet solution you’ll enjoy for years to come, whether you’re just looking to create a custom storage space for all your ties or finally digging into a larger closet remodeling project.

Our design experts at Closet America are here to help, whatever your closet needs may be. From your first call through manufacturing and installing your custom closet system and even beyond, we’re eager to help you sort out your closet (and your ties!) once and for all. We also offer a transferrable lifetime warranty to make sure you’re happy with our products and services even after installation is complete. 

You can contact us to schedule a free design consultation as soon as you’re ready. Just don’t wait too long—those ties aren’t going to organize themselves!

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