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Closet Personality: It’s A Thing

2 minute read, by Closet America, on Aug 13, 2015

Take a look at your room. While you’re at it, take a look at your desk, your car, your kitchen. How do they look? Does everything fit perfectly in its place, or is it organized chaos? Are the clothes in your dresser drawers neatly folded, or did you drop that new sweater into the pile on your floor? How exactly you choose to organize your life – or your room – can say a lot about your personality.

It can be easy to classify everyone into two obvious organizational patterns: clean and messy. If you’re thinking that’s just too simple a breakdown, we’re with you. Hoarding habits, a perfectionist’s traits, and whether or not you’re a creative thinker can all influence how your room will be organized.

Before you set out to reorganize your new closet, you might want to know how you think. That way, you’ll be able to design a space that best works for you.

To the Left, to the Left

If you’re someone who prefers a streamlined look, it’s no question that you’re a left-brainer. As this side of your brain is responsible for carrying out logic and mathematical computations, it’s no wonder you prefer a well-ordered workspace. You make sure everything is properly situated in a designated location, leaving only the task at hand – or the next day’s outfit – out for easy attention. Categorizing and sorting come naturally to you, as does the ability to tuck boxes and drawers away. Some may even call you a perfectionist, but that doesn’t bother you. Deep down you know everything is perfectly in its place.

To minimize the look of clutter, different size boxes can sort and house mementos even your disciplined self can’t get rid of (we’re talking about that Simon & Garfunkel concert ticket from the ‘70s). Trays and dividers allow you to reduce clutter while keeping high-frequency items such as jewelry and cufflinks within reach. Left-brain thinkers can further enhance their personal environment by using organizational accessories like shoe shelves, jewelry drawers, and tie racks.

In Your Right Mind

A perfectly organized space doesn’t appeal to all, however. Right-brainers are visually oriented and an attention to detail doesn’t rank high on their radar. While a left-brainer flourishes in an organized and tidy environment, right-minded thinkers prefer an open space, keeping personal items at an arm’s reach, always ready for use. This side of the brain pushes your creativity and has a tendency to hang on to special mementos and gestures.

Instead of using matching bins to create storage and tidiness, right-minded thinkers can use refurbished boxes and containers to create the same effect. Old coffee containers, stacked books, and gift boxes can all be used to create order while still appealing to your creative side. And while we hope to help organize your space, we understand that your mess may help solve problems creatively.

The Final Compromise

If you’re a neat-freak or the free-bird in the family, your personal space – and your closet – says a lot about you. With so many options for organizing, it’s important to know a little bit about yourself and the habits you’ve formed over the years. Whether you choose a walk-in closet or smaller pantry, our designers can create organizational spaces to best match your closet personality.

To learn more about Closet America’s amazing closet organization systems and see some of our beautiful designs, check out our closet ideas and design guide here. To meet one of our professional closet designers call 800-747-3217 to schedule your FREE design consultation.

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