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Clever Under the Stairs Closet and Shoe Storage Ideas

5 minute read, by Closet America, on Jan 16, 2020

These under the stairs shoe storage ideas will help keep your complete shoe collection together and neatly organized—with room to spare for future pairs.

As your collection grows each passing year, your closet is probably becoming like many—bulging with shoes. And, because every pair of new shoes or boots tells a story about a particular phase of your life, you’ll likely find most, if not all of them, difficult to part with.

But what happens when you simply have too many shoes? Particularly if you’re in a big city like Baltimore, MD, where there are over 30 major shoe stores around to continuously feed and fuel your shoe shopping craving—you’re going to need some extra storage space, like in your stairs.

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That’s where these valuable under the stairs shoe storage ideas come into play. A custom-designed closet under the stairs will enable you to keep your complete shoe collection together, neatly organized—and you’ll even have room for expansion as your stockpile inevitably grows.

Under the Stairs Shoe Storage Ideas

One of the most effective ways to showcase your shoes is on adjustable shoe shelves. Shoe shelves offer sturdy, neatly organized rows placed horizontally or vertically in pairs so they are easily accessible when you need them. With adjustable shelving, you don’t have to worry about your shoes being boxed away in a closet where you can never find them.

Here are 10 under the stairs shoe storage ideas for the innovative organization of your shoe collection:

1. Conceptualize the Best Components

Do you have a small or large under the stairs area? If it’s a large space, then custom shelves, drawer boxes, and cabinetry are always a hit, lending a walk-in closet or boutique feel to your space.

If your storage is in tighter quarters, like a small hall closet tucked away under the stairs, then you may require pull-out drawers, vertical shelving, chrome hooks or baskets, and other custom features to make the most of a minimal amount of space.

2. Install Custom Shelving at Various Heights

Let’s face it. Those of us with a whole host of different types of shoes—heels, boots, flats, tennis shoes, and sandals—should probably look into installing custom shelving at various heights based on the height of the shoes. This can not only maximize your area but also add a designer showcase appeal. You’ll be able to:

  • Line up shoes in neatly-organized rows horizontally or vertically, with the most infrequently worn pairs relegated to the top shelf

  • Easily find and select appropriate shoes for any occasion

  • House your various shoes with the perfect accompanying accessories, like your favorite hat on an adjacent shelf and jackets on a wardrobe hanging bar just underneath the custom shelving

  • Keep boots and taller footwear on custom shelving on the narrow end of your custom closet

  • Add extra shelving that can be easily adjusted to fit any future footwear purchases

Depending on the size of your closet under the stairs, you can place quite a number of your shoes, particularly those that you wear on special occasions, in this custom closet.

3. Store Your Go-to Shoes in Another Area

Storing your full collection of shoes in one space is nice—however, it’s also helpful to have your primary, go-to shoes in your master closet, even if the rest are kept elsewhere. Try to include smaller, custom closet shoe storage either in your bedroom or mudroom, if possible, for pairs that are worn daily.

4. Incorporate Soft-Close Drawers

Consider adding sliding, soft-close drawers when you are working with a small, compact closet. These will allow you to:

  • Maximize your space and take full advantage of the closet’s depth and verticality simply by enclosing your shoes in these pull-out areas

  • Store more expensive, valuable shoes in a single concealed and protected drawer

  • Keep new and designer shoes free of scuff marks and dust

  • Hide away holiday or birthday shoes for surprising family and party guests

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5. Add a Dresser Drawer Box for Additional Drawer Space

Incorporate a dovetail drawer box into the back and the shorter side of the closet for flip flops and summer or spring shoes that are only worn during certain times of the year.

6. Try Angling Your Custom Shelves

Because of the unique triangular shape often found in under the stairs storage closets, it’s sometimes easier to work with the natural angle for your custom shelving. This way, you will be presenting your shoe collection attractively, rather than going against the grain of the closet.

7. Create Custom Shoe Cabinets for Display and Tucking Away Footwear

Choosing custom cabinetry can be a stylish choice for under the stairs closets. Using this strategy, you can:

  • Include clear cabinetry for displaying your designer, contemporary, and classic shoes, pumps, and stilettos

  • House special athletic or performance shoes in a custom display and include a photo from a memorable race or concert

  • Protect your most valuable collection, such as special event shoes from your high school or college graduation, wedding, or a special anniversary celebration so you can always reminisce. (You can even save them for your grandchildren!)

  • Incorporate both open and closed storage options, including a tuckaway cabinetry door for your less attractive (but incredibly useful) shoes used for messier activities like gardening or working out.

You can also top your custom cabinetry with decorative art, a family photo or heirloom, and maybe—if you’re really serious about shoes—even a collection of books about vintage shoes.

8. Add a Chrome Basket for Hosiery and Socks

When you wear trouser socks or hosiery with your heels and dress shoes, you’ll want a special bin either on your shelves or in your cabinets to hold these items.

9. Hang Winter, Rain, and Leather Boots from Chrome Hooks

When you’re really tight on space, chrome hooks work well for hanging winter, leather, or hiking boots that have a loop on the top or back. You could even hang your rain gear—like rain boots and umbrellas—on chrome back-of-the-door hooks.

10. Light Up Your Shoe Collection

Finally, for reasons of both style and convenience, you may want to light up your custom shoe storage under the stairs with LED lights that help you find your favorite pairs even in dark places. Good lighting can be a saving grace when you are in a rush to get out the door quickly—and it makes your collection look even better than ever, even if the only person admiring them is you.

In considering these shoe storage and closet ideas for stairs, you might find that you’re excited to start creating this new home for your shoes—but maybe you don’t know where to start, or aren’t sure you can (or should) do it on your own. That’s where a custom closet designer comes in.

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Implementing Clever Under the Stairs Custom Storage

Shoes are like rabbits—they seem to multiply when we’re not looking. Rather than fight it, why not plan ahead and create a custom under the shoe storage area for all of your little podiatric pets—including the ones you haven’t bought yet?

A custom closet designer can help you create and install the perfect shoe closet, complete with shelving, cabinetry, drawers, LED lighting, and more. With their closet design help, you’ll be able to showcase your beloved footwear with impressive organization and style, just like a miniature version of your favorite shoe boutique.

Ready to turn that drab, underused under the stairs area into your ideal shoe storage space? Closet America is happy to help make it happen. Contact us today to learn more—or schedule a free design consultation to go ahead and get started!

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