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Bowie, MD’s Custom Closet Designers Can Help You Renovate Multiple Spaces This Summer

4 minute read, by Closet America, on Jun 5, 2017

Investing in custom organization systems for your Bowie, MD home will help you and your family get closet renovations started on the right foot.

I don’t know of any place where summer’s arrival is celebrated more fervently than in Bowie, MD. Everyone tends to rejoice at the end of the school year and the start of a blissful (but humid) summer, but this city goes all out. Summer concerts play at the Town Green and Allen Town Park, the Farmer’s Market has finally reopened in the Bowie High School parking lot, and the biggest party of the year—Bowiefest—has officially come and gone. The parade down Belair Street on Memorial Day weekend marked the beginning of the most exciting season in this Maryland suburb, and summer is officially here.

Now that school (and after school) activities are finished, it’s the perfect time to send your middle schoolers off to summer riding camp at Merkel Farm and finally get down to the spring cleaning` that never happened—and if you’re looking to renovate those cluttered closets once and for all, partnering with local custom closet designers is the way to go. Investing in custom organization systems for your home will really help to get you and your family started on the right foot.

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Closet Designers: Your Home’s New Best Friends

We can’t all live in a home as spacious as the Belair Mansion, and a large portion of Bowie locals are families with multiple mess-prone kids. It can be the battle of a lifetime to keep your home clutter-free and presentable, and all too often, it’s your ill-equipped closets that often bear the brunt of this chaos. That’s why I work with clients to make sure their organization systems are as simple and convenient to use as possible.

Working with the right closet designer will help make the whole process so much faster (and easier) in order to fit in with your busy summer schedule. Instead of spending your time on painstaking measurements and visiting every big-box store within a ten-mile radius of 20715, you’ll make one simple appointment. A design expert will come directly to your home, evaluate your space, and create 3D drawings based on the storage ideas you come up with together. Best of all, if you’re working with a local company that does all of their work in-house, you can rest assured knowing you and your closet be in good hands from start to finish.

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Why Renovating Multiple Spaces at Once Is a Good Idea

Homeowners tend to work on one room or DIY project at a time—especially when they have kids running around and getting into the paint rollers. Busy families in Prince George’s County tend to be no exception. However, when you work with a custom closet company, all the hard work is done for you. It’s a great opportunity to get multiple closets completed at the same time.

For example, I recently worked with a Bowie client who wanted all of her kids’ closets to be outfitted with basically the same custom organization system. With the designer right there in your home, it’s a simple matter to evaluate the other bedrooms and apply a similar solution there. No extra work on your part, and no extra appointments to keep. If you knock out your master walk-in closet, kids closets, and a hall closet or two, you won’t need to think about your storage spaces ever again.

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Custom Closets Can Change Your Life

At this point, you may be wondering how big a difference a custom closet system can actually make in your day-to-day life. (What difference would a high-speed rail line make for the Bowie commuter anyway? What’s the point of the new Bowie Marketplace?) When you start with a home full of stock (and stuffed) closet spaces, it can be difficult to imagine any other way of living. However, take a second to imagine this summer Saturday:

Your kids run to the front hall closet, pull shoes and toys out of their cubbies, and head straight out the door to play. Meanwhile, you make the rounds for laundry, opening the built-in laundry hampers in each of their closets and pulling out the fabric liners full of dirty clothes. You take care of some minor cleaning up around the house before going to your own closet to put on a summery outfit, choosing your shoes from where they’re displayed on your adjustable shoe shelves. At the end of the day, it’s easy to put everything right back where it came from because everything is in its place, perfectly.

Ready to get in on this custom closet action? Closet America’s design experts are ready to make your storage spaces fit your lifestyle (and reduce your chaotic clutter). Sign up for your free design consultation today to get started on your journey toward a more organized and functional home.


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