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5 Easy Ways To Organize Your Closet

3 minute read, by Closet America, on Oct 21, 2014

Don’t delay, get your organized closet with these five simple steps. In about one day you can organize your closet and take it from a cluttered mess to an organizer’s dream. So why do so many homeowners keep putting off organizing their closet? We’re sharing our five essential steps for taking charge of the cluttered clothes and totally organizing your closet.

An Organized Closet: The five-step game plan

Closet Organizing Tip 1: Assess your needs

List the categories of items that will go in your new organized closet. Some people have very little storage space in their homes, so often people store other things in a clothes closet like sports equipment, an iron and ironing board, or even linens. Make a list of the categories of items that you would like in your newly organized closet, and then you can begin to divide your items.

Closet Organizing Tip 2: Purge–yes throw it out!

Be ruthless. A recent study found that a woman tends to only wear about 20% of their entire wardrobes. Clothes that are comfortable, make them look good and fit, are on continual rotation in the closet. However many women keep clothing that doesn’t fit, nor do they look good in. If the clothing doesn’t fit, isn’t fashionable, or doesn’t hold any memories… its time to toss it! There is no room for old clothes in your newly organized closet. If purging sounds tough, we recommend the old fashion rule- if you haven’t worn it in one year, its time to toss the item. Starting with a clean fresh wardrobe is the best foundation for an organized closet.

Closet Organizing Tip 3: Deal with the roadblocks

An organized closet should reflect who you are now – both your self-image and your lifestyle. When looking at your clothes, you should never put clothes in the pile that bring up regrets about yesterday (why did I buy that?) or hopes for tomorrow (Maybe I will fit in it again). When starting the foundation for an organized closet, ask yourself these simple questions:

  • Do I feel comfortable in this?
  • Does this make me look good?
  • Is this still stylish?
  • Does this reflect my lifestyle?

If you answer no to any of the above about a piece of clothing, let it go—It doesn’t belong in your new organized closet.

Closet Organizing Tip 4: Design the space 

The goal of an organized closet is to accommodate your clothes and any other necessary items so that they are visible and accessible. Ideally your organized closet should be flexible enough to change, as your wardrobe changes. Additionally a good organized closet design should take into account limitations with space as well as issues with the closet owner. Shelving and rack placement should be a good height distance to accommodate any individual.

When a designer meets with our clients, we ask them to begin to sort their clothes into “type” that will fit into their organized closet. For instance, shirts/blouses, skirts, pants, sweaters, jackets, long dresses….etc. By sorting these clothes into different categories, we can then get an estimate of how many different storage options our clients will need for their new organized closet.

After you have sorted your clothing, then it is time to figure out the closet design system that will meet your closet design and organization needs. At Closet America we offer custom closet design and thousands of different storage and organizers for your new organized closet. Our design team comes to your house and works with you to create a customized organized closet design. We review your clothes and storage options and put together a complete virtual closet design right in your living room. 

Closet Design Tip 5: Keeping Up the Good Work

After having your complete customized closet installed by Closet America, we advise our clients to do a major purge once a year. Additionally, our organized closet solutions are flexible so that if you can add more shelving or more hooks if your purse or jewelry collection should continue to grow!  Additionally, by doing a little every day, such as taking five minutes to hang up clothes and throw dirty ones in the hamper which is now preferably in your organized closet – closet organization doesn’t seem like such a chore.

Are you interested in learning more about the custom closet organization solutions provided by Closet America? Download our free design brochure and learn how to organize your closet today!

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