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How Custom Closet Systems Can Transform Any Room in the Home

5 minute read, by Closet America, on Dec 5, 2017

Contrary to popular belief, custom closet systems aren’t just about closets. A little custom design can go a long way in virtually any room!

Despite the word “closet” in their very name, custom closet systems aren’t just about closets. Custom design in the home is, first and foremost, about organizing a given space effectively and aesthetically. The same designs and principles which could do wonders in your closet can be applied to almost any space in your home, whether you need to organize a messy utility area, create multifunctionality in a spare bedroom, or spiff up a lackluster pantry.

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Utilizing Custom Systems in Your Utility Spaces

In our experience, we’ve seen time and again that utility spaces tend to get a lot of action and often serve double duty. Whether it’s your garage, mud room, or laundry area, chances are this space in your home isn’t functioning as the dedicated storage space it was originally intended to be, but rather as a catch-all for a wide variety of items that need to be kept out of the way when not in use.

A custom closet solution in your utility space gives each and every item a home and allows you to create a system that gets—and keeps—everything nice and organized. Built-in cabinets and tool racks, for example, can make your garage appear not only cleaner but larger, thanks to the space they’ll free up once everything is in its proper place. Meanwhile, a mud room with custom shelves gives visitors a refreshing first impression of your home and allows for simple, straightforward storage of frequent entryway occupants such as shoes, coats, or hats.

Laundry rooms can also benefit from the custom closet system phenomenon. More often than not, in addition to the actual laundry in the room, these spaces also tend to function as storage for a host of cleaning products and tools. A system that integrates fold-out ironing boards or hanging rods for air-drying delicate clothing items might just be your first-class ticket to laundry room bliss.

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Bettering the Bedroom with Custom Design

While your bedrooms may not be quite as cluttered as your garage—or at least not cluttered in the same way—they may present their own storage challenges depending on your space and living situation. Spare bedrooms, for example, can be especially limited in square footage. A custom system that includes a murphy bed will give you the flexibility to not only use the space as a guest room when visitors are in town, but also as your own personal office space, library, a play area for your kids, or whatever else you might need a little extra room for.

Don’t think your own bedroom is exempt, either. A master bedroom can benefit from custom design regardless of how big it is, or even how cluttered it is. Perhaps you enjoy watching TV in bed—a custom entertainment center can help keep electrical cords out of sight and remote controls and other accessories organized and easy to find when you need them. Bonus: adjustable shelving means that your media center can be updated to fit electronics of almost any size and shape whenever you decide to spring for an upgrade.

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Go Pro with a Custom System for Your Home Office

For those of us with the blessing of a home office, we know how important it is to keep this particular space especially pristine. Not only is it vital for making a good impression during meetings (whether in person or via online video chat), it also has a big positive impact on your ability to focus and be productive. Clutter, after all, is nothing if not distracting, and disorganized paperwork can quickly become a nightmare.

Creating a custom system in your home office that suits the needs of your business will minimize distraction and help you stay on track and focused on what really matters—not whether you should finally sift through that pile of old paperwork in the corner, or whether you should procrastinate on today’s work with a bit of “spring” cleaning (regardless of the season). From desks tailor-made to fit any space to adjustable filing systems and shelving, the beauty of a custom-designed office space is that it can conform to any work-style and any business type, whether you’re a morning person who needs a quiet place to write or a night owl who works with a veritable army of electronic devices.

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Sprucing Up Your Pantry with Custom Storage

Holiday season is in full swing now, meaning entertaining guests is likely at the top of many a priority list. Hosting can be fun, but also stressful if everything isn’t planned and prepared just so. The good news is, the holidays don’t have to be harrowing. Custom systems for your pantry can relieve much of the burden of hosting by keeping ingredients easily organized and accessible—which can be a real lifesaver in those moments when you’re cooking three different dishes at once, mentally checking off a guest list, and keeping one eye on the kids in the other room all at the same time.

Sliding chrome baskets and pull-out shelves are especially effective custom additions to any pantry, regardless of whether it’s a reach-in or walk-in space. Not only do they help ensure that everything fits in its proper place, perfectly, they make your pantry look snazzy while doing it. Bonus: they make it that much easier to extract specific foods or groups of foods from your pantry without risking your life in the process. No more avalanches of onions or cascades of camomile tea packets every time you try to pull out just one spice bottle or box of baking powder from the bottom of the pile!

Custom Transformations for Any Room, Any Time

Whether you’re looking to declutter, de-stress, or simply design something fresh and new for your home, a custom closet system can be the perfect solution to nearly any storage problem, regardless of which room—or how much room—you’re working with. The best part? When you team up with the right custom closet company, it’s not even hard. All you need to do is figure out what you want to change, and an expert designer will help you figure out how to change it. From there, all you need to do is watch and wait, and before you know it, you’ll have the custom closet system of your dreams in the room of your choice.

Ready to transform your home with custom design? We’re happy to help out. Schedule your free design consultation with Closet America today, and before you know it, you’ll be well on your way toward creating organizational bliss.

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