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Annapolis Closet Remodeling Projects to Get Excited About This Fall

4 minute read, by Closet America, on Nov 29, 2017

Fall is the perfect time for Annapolis families to tackle those home remodeling and closet reorganizing projects they’ve been putting off all year!

The school year is well underway, and that means homes all across the DC Metro Area have once again been bombarded with papers, backpacks, school gear, jackets, homework, textbooks, and all the other miscellaneous clutter that kids somehow manage to drag in. School “stuff” has taken over in many areas of the home, and as the holidays approach and semesters come to an end, that disorganized mess will only grow.

Now is the perfect time of year for Annapolis families to consider what organizational solutions will work best in the home, and to get the school clutter under control before it becomes unmanageable. From the entryway to the kids’ closets and the home office, you’ll want to make sure that every space is well equipped to handle the influx. And, with new custom closet systems installed by a local DC-area company in key areas of the home, you’ll have everything well in hand when the rest of the year comes around.

custom mud room

Make Over the Mudroom

The fall foyer is a challenge for most Northern Virginia families. Whether you have a constant pile of leaves blowing in every time you open the front door or you can barely see the floorboards beneath the unending pile of school bags, it’s a challenge to keep things clean and tidy. A custom mudroom designed to perfectly fit your space will make a huge difference in the way you enter your home—and the way it looks year-round!

If you’ve never seen a custom closet in an entryway before, you might not know what to ask for. A trip to the big box store and a box of prefabricated shelving parts could be seriously overwhelming. Instead, call in a local custom designer here in Anne Arundel County and get a mudroom that’s high quality, durable, and perfectly suited to your family’s needs. Here are a few things you may want to consider, including:

  • Individual shelving sections for each kid (or each family member)

  • Pull-out chrome baskets to house items that don’t stack well or lay flat

  • A designated shelf or basket for each person’s shoes (goodbye, floor pile!)

  • Built-in bench seating to make the mudroom a one-stop shop for getting out the door.

custom reach in closet

Tackle the Kids’ Closets

The next trouble spot for families during this time of year is always the kids’ bedrooms. Whether your children get dropped off at Cape St. Claire Elementary or are taking themselves to Broadneck High School every morning, their bedrooms at home are bound to be the messiest and most clutter-filled rooms in the house this fall. The secret culprit: their reach-in closets. A well-designed closet remodel can help this problem in even the messiest Annapolis homes.

With a custom designed set of shelves, hanging rods, and drawers, you can craft the closet that each of your kids truly needs in order to keep their clutter under control. Don’t use all that hanging space? Put in a shelving unit instead. Need additional room in the dresser? Include a bank of soft-close drawers. With perfectly strategized closet systems in place, they’ll actually have an appropriate location to store all their clothing, toys, or shoes. There’s no better feeling than having everything in its place, perfectly. And with custom design, even kids’ rooms can be organized and neat.

custom home office

Finish With a Home Office Upgrade

Finally, we come to the sneakiest home for fall clutter: the home office. The adults in the house tend to rule this particular roost, but a big portion of Annapolis’ householders commute more than 25 minutes away from home each day. That means homework, school announcements, and school supplies have likely flooded the office every day since school began. Rather than putting together individually purchased desks, shelving units, and filing cabinets into a hodgepodge organization system, try finishing up your fall remodel with a custom home office design.

In the finish of your choice and with the highest-quality materials available, a design expert will craft the exact arrangement of work surfaces, shelves, file storage spaces, cabinets, and drawers that works for your family. You’ll finally have a designated “home” for all of those categories of miscellaneous paper goods to live in—and the office will finally look organized and tidy (possibly for the first time since you moved in).  

custom cabinetry

Closet Remodeling for Your Annapolis Home

New organization systems installed in your home will help you tackle the fall clutter in a once-and-done timeframe. With custom closets installed in your entryway, kids’ rooms, and the office, your home will finally be equipped to handle the worst school-year clutter. For Annapolis families with kids, that’s like Christmas come early.

Can’t wait to get started? Schedule a free design consultation with Closet America’s design experts. We’ll come directly to your home, anywhere in Annapolis, and help you imagine and create the solutions that will most help you corral the mess. Before you know it, your home will be more organized (and more beautiful) than you’ve ever seen it.  


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