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Custom Office Design For Maryland Homeowners

5 minute read, by Closet America, on Oct 4, 2018

Working from home would be even better with a custom home office where you can be both comfortable and productive. 

When you’re sitting in traffic in Maryland, somewhere in the Baltimore/Annapolis/DC area, I bet you wish you could work from home. What if your commute could be just a trip down the hallway? Working from home would be even better with a custom home office where you can be both comfortable and productive.

At Closet America, we can give you all of that. We’re experts in custom office design, making a productive and livable space fit inside your house, matching and enhancing your aesthetic, and being as functional as it is beautiful. Recently, we helped a client in North Bethesda spruce up their life with a custom home office.

How a Custom Home Office Changed a North Bethesda Family

Maryland is beautiful. Spooling out alongside the scenic Potomac, North Bethesda feels far more than a mere four or five miles outside of DC. It isn’t just the scenery that makes it feel far away. Driving into DC is interminable. The area has the second longest commute in the nation, and Montgomery County, where 75% of commuters drive to work, the average commute is 35 minutes—that’s more than an hour added to what could be an already stressful day. Our client in North Bethesda was tired of that, but the option of working from home seemed very unappealing. She couldn’t just work from the couch and the spare bedroom was just that: a bedroom, not at all suited for work.

A new design was needed and it needed to fit into her space. She didn’t want to just jam in a desk and a filing cabinet, that would be uncomfortable and not all conducive to working. She needed a custom design so she reached out to Closet America.

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What Homeowners Need In a Custom Office

It’s one thing to know what you don’t want. It’s another thing to have an office that actually works for you.

Our client in North Bethesda knew what she needed.

  • A desk that fits work needs. Everyone has different work needs. Some people need a large desk on which to sprawl out their papers, and others are fine with a sleek and small space for their computer. If your desk doesn’t fit your needs, it actually adds to your stress.

  • A desk that emphasizes comfort. No two people find the exact level of comfort from the same desk. We want to design one that is right for you.

  • A desk set designed for the room. This is important. Where are the windows in the room? Do you want to face them? Do you want to avoid having light stream in and make it too bright for video conferences? Is there a part of the room where the wifi works better? We don’t just jam a desk in; we make it fit your needs and the needs of the room.

  • No cords! The bane of any home-office worker is snaking cords around every corner of the room because the desk and the power source aren’t in the right place. While you can’t dictate where every outlet is, you can find a way to neatly run cords, avoiding the stressful unsightliness of a rat’s nest of cables.

  • Enough drawers. While the days of needing a hundred file folders and thousands of paper clips are largely gone, you do need storage space.

  • The right light. One problem with going into the office is that office lighting tends to be harsh and annoying. It’s either too much or not enough. Your home office needs the opposite. It needs just the right lighting for your eyes, whether you’re staring at a screen or poring over a blueprint.

Let’s take a look at how we made it work for our North Bethesda client.

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How a Custom Home Office Works For You

When we designed the home office in North Bethesda, we made sure it worked for her office needs, and for the needs of her home. We designed it around the extra bed because she still wanted space for the occasional guest.

Some of the key features included:

  • Comprehensive drawer, shelving, and storage compartments. Deep drawers, shallow drawers, overhead shelving, and more. Designed to fit her needs, with accessibility and the ease of search always in mind.

  • Accent lighting. Soft lighting that is easy on the eyes while being highly functional. No need to strain, and no glare. It’s perfect for the office.

  • Cord management system. Let’s face it: we have a lot of cords. There are a lot of chargers (pads, phones, computers, tablets, headphones, etc). A good cord management system turns chaos into order.

  • High-quality materials. Your office is part of your house. We always use the highest-quality materials that are sharp, stylish, and durable. The shelves never bend or sag, and the drawers slide shut with a satisfying smoothness. The home office isn’t separate from your living quarters; it should be just as nice.

What you’ll notice in a Closet America project is flexibility. We don’t want to impose on your house. To that end, we also looked for a while at a wall desk in a hallway, since our client wasn’t sure if she’d be able to give up the bedroom. We would have had no problem making that work, but in the end, thanks to our custom design process, we managed to get the desk set in a way that was easy and gave the room a dual purpose.

Personalized Design For Your Personal Space

Unless you’re the boss, chances are you’ve had very little say in how your office is designed (cool posters and less-cool ferns aside). It’s not meant for you, but for whoever works there. That’s not the case with a custom designed home office from Closet America.

Our process is easy. You can schedule a free design consultation, and we’ll come to your house and create a 3D model of the best possible home office system for you. We take precise measurements to make sure that the design is specific to your home, and your space, and in accordance with your needs and wants.

Those measurements are sent to our Landover workshop where we craft them by hand. These durable, scratch-resistant pieces are then delivered to your home and installed in one day by our team of professionals. They don’t leave a big footprint. In fact, your house is going to be cleaner than when we started.

It’s this commitment to our craft and to our customers that has earned us rave reviews from clients in Maryland, Virginia, and DC. People who care about their homes and want high-quality and tasteful home office furnishings know they can trust Closet America.

So if the commute is getting to you and you need a professional and comfortable home office, reach out today. Let’s get you off the road and into the custom home office of your dreams. The only thing we can’t help you with is the desire to want to wear your PJs all day in your new home office.

Closet America was able to work with my unique circumstances in order to give me the best use of my space.

Amy B.,
Fairfax Station, VA

Let’s Start Your Project

Whether you’re interested in a custom-designed closet, office, pantry, or garage, starting your project couldn’t be easier. Just fill out the attached form or give us a call to schedule your free in-home design consultation. You can download our brochure and you’re welcome to visit our Landover Maryland showroom, to see how beautiful our custom-designed organization systems look in person. We want you to experience the Closet America difference and see how we build organizing solutions for life.

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