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Closet Installation Companies in the DC Area Want to Help You Get Organized

5 minute read, by Closet America, on Sep 27, 2018

While every DC resident has unique organizational challenges, they can all benefit from the expertise of leading closet installation companies.

Many Washington DC residents struggle to keep their closets organized. That’s because DC homeowners lead busy lifestyles, from stay-at-home moms in Adams Morgan who need to get their children dressed for school every morning to lawyers in Georgetown who require plenty of extra storage space for their suits. However, while every DC resident has unique organizational challenges, they can all benefit from the expertise of leading closet installation companies.

Closet America is perfectly equipped to handle the needs of every DC homeowner, helping you find permanent, sophisticated solutions to common organization problems. Through careful planning, hands-on installation, and thorough follow-ups, our custom closet designers ensure that your space not only looks sleek and chic but that it also stays organized with very little effort.

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The Benefits of a Professional Closet System vs. DIY Organization

At first glance, DIY closet organization projects look incredibly easy—DIY organizers claim that you can tidy up your entire home using only a set of plastic drawer dividers and a few hanging shoe shelves. If only it were that simple!

In reality, these DIY solutions aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. DIY projects are often messy in appearance, difficult to install, and ineffective. They’re not designed with your specific lifestyle and closet dimensions in mind, and because of this, you’ll constantly have to reorganize your space.

For example, if you place drawer dividers in a dresser to keep your necklaces separate from your earrings and bracelets, your jewelry collection will eventually become disorganized. You will still have to sift through piles of necklaces stacked inside of the divider to find the one you need, and in the process, your necklaces will become hopelessly tangled or they’ll wind up in the wrong divider. Moreover, you won’t be able to see all of your jewelry displayed in one place—you’re more likely to lose an earring or forget about a stunning cocktail ring that you have sitting in the back of the drawer.

Closet installation companies are much more effective than DIY systems because they focus on permanent solutions based on your specific lifestyle and needs, not on quick fixes. So, if you have a large jewelry collection, a professional closet designer will create a jewelry case that is specifically designed to house every single piece. No matter how large your collection, you’ll be able to see all of your jewelry in the drawer or display case, and these custom-made dividers will prevent pieces from getting tangled together.

Even better, when you choose professional closet installation companies over DIY solutions, experienced closet organizers handle every detail for you, from the blueprint to the installation and the follow-up consultation. In this sense, custom closets are even more effortless to install than DIY projects and these custom designs will have your space looking cohesive and modern.

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Closet Installation Companies Understand Your Needs

The main benefit of hiring a closet installation company like Closet America is that you won’t have to create the layout of your space by yourself. Designing a custom closet from scratch is a daunting process; you have to consider every detail, from the dresser’s wood finish to the ideal size of every drawer. When you work with a professional closet designer, you can relax and enjoy the design process more, as your designer will walk you through every step and offer layout advice based on years of experience and interior design training.

After you reach out to Closet America about designing your new closet space, a designer will get to know you and your organizational needs during a free consultation. Your designer will ask you questions such as:

  • What have you always wanted in your dream closet? A closet peninsula? A built-in laundry hamper? A floor-to-ceiling shoe rack?

  • Where do you have the most organizational trouble? Do you need a built-in laundry hamper to keep your room tidy? Do you want a hideaway ironing board to press your cotton shirts before work every morning?

  • Do you have any special items that call for custom storage solutions? Are there family heirlooms that you’d like to keep in a secure safe or tall winter boots that take up a great deal of space?

Whatever design you have in mind, Closet America can make this vision a reality. Using interactive, computer-assisted design technology, your design expert will create an accurate 3D model of your space to show you what each design detail will look like in its final form. You can adjust the color and hardware finishes as well as the placement of every element in the closet. Moreover, this design isn’t set in stone until you give your designer the green light. You have up to a year to make a final decision about the layout. This allows you to carefully consider your choices and create a closet that you know you’ll love.

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Closet Installation Companies Guarantee Excellent Results

The best closet installation companies in DC go beyond just the design process. Leading companies also craft their own materials from scratch, install these elements quickly and efficiently and follow up with you to ensure that your new space exceeds your expectations.

At Closet America, we manufacture all of our own closet organization systems. We cut each closet component to fit the precise dimensions of your space and assemble every product by hand. This guarantees that the organization solutions fit inside of your space perfectly and they stand the test of time. You won’t have to reorganize your space every few years or replace broken hardware, as our solutions are designed to last for decades.

Once we’ve created every piece for your custom closet, we schedule a time to install these components in your home. We can work around even the busiest schedules and can usually finish the installation process within less than a day. This allows you to enjoy your new closet right away, and it can actually take less time than it would to install a system in your closet yourself.

Finally, after your new closet is installed in your space, our designers follow up with you to ensure that all of the components fit seamlessly into your lifestyle. We’ll also help you make additions to the space as needed. For example, if you decide that you would like more space to store your shoes, we will find a shoe storage solution that works well with the existing layout and add this component to your closet.

Our designers care about the final product and your satisfaction. We want you to feel confident in all of your design choices and we will continue to work with you until the closet is absolutely perfect from ceiling to floor.

The Best Closet Installation Companies in Washington DC

To learn more about the best closet installation company in Washington DC, book a free consultation with Closet America today. Our experienced closet designers will work with you to understand your organizational needs and create a custom, detailed closet design using our interactive, computer-assisted design technology. With help from Closet America’s design professionals, you’ll create a sleek, sophisticated custom closet that will help you keep your home organized.  

Closet America was able to work with my unique circumstances in order to give me the best use of my space.

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