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Custom Closets in Silver Spring, MD Bring Luxury to the Capital Beltway

4 minute read, by Closet America, on Sep 26, 2017

Take luxury in your Silver Spring, MD home to the next level with chic custom closet design.

Thanks to the new downtown renaissance, Silver Spring, MD has “sprung” into a seriously attractive suburban location. Living inside the Beltway may not be for everyone, but this particular spot is made even more appealing with the addition of AFI Silver (for film lovers), the Fenton Street Market (for locavores), and a renewed central business district (for shopaholics). What else could you ask for?

If you’re lucky enough to score a great living space in the Silver Spring area, you might be wondering how to take your home to the next level. Adding custom closet organization systems will help you create a more functional living space, especially if you’ve been struggling with organization or storage options inside your home.

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Customize Your Master Closet

When creating a work of art, it’s always best to start from what you know. The same premise holds true for imagining the custom closets that will work best in your home. You’re probably the most familiar with your master suite—and the master closet alone gets a good portion of your attention every morning and evening. You already know what works and what doesn’t. Start there, and give your walk-in closet a Silver Spring-level reincarnation.

If your closet is in desperate need of additional hanging rod space, incorporate dual hanging rods in your new design. With one rod at head height and one near your waist, you’ll be able to double the amount of hanging space for every foot of wall space you use. This strategy works well for our clients whose wardrobes are entirely made up of slacks, shirts, and suits (what we lovingly call the DC uniform). Conversely, some clients have relatively few items that require hanging. They’d rather add in custom-made dovetail drawers and additional custom shelving instead. It’s entirely up to you.

Finally, give your master closet the star treatment. Whether your home rests among the old growth trees in Woodside Park or in the family-friendly enclaves of Indian Spring, you can use a little luxury in your life. Add in adjustable shoe shelves to beautifully display your collection. Install custom LED lighting to give your master closet that elusive boutique feel. Indulge in velvet-lined jewelry drawers and pull-out belt racks, to name just a few of our custom closet accessories. Before you know it, the walk-in closet will be your favorite room of the house.

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Improve Your Smaller Reach-In Spaces

As much as we love pampering the master walk-in closet, every home has other storage spaces in need of a little organizational help. No matter how small the space, you can use custom design elements to maximize every square foot.

First, take a look at the reach-in closets in your other bedrooms. Are they full to bursting, with precariously-stacked plastic bins threatening to topple you over whenever you open the door? If so, you may want to consider adding some custom shelving. Especially for households with children, this strategy really helps keep your home more organized. Thermally-fused laminate (TFL) shelves are incredibly strong and durable, which makes them the perfect high-quality material to use in closets. No sagging or sliding here—your reach-in closets will be dependably sturdy for the life of your home.

You can also bring a touch of luxury to the kitchen area with custom pantry storage. As well as being strong, TFL is easy to clean, making it a great material for beautifully customized pantry shelves. And with a custom design, the only limit is your imagination—you can include floor-to-ceiling lazy Susans, custom cubbies for your kitchen appliances, bottle and spice racks, and so much more. Your kitchen will feel a lot more professional—and will be a lot more fun to spend time in—when you have everything in its place, perfectly.

custom reach in closet

Getting Custom Closets in Your Silver Spring, MD Home

This perfect time of year between Silver Spring’s Jazz Festival and the Thanksgiving Day Parade is also the perfect time to give your home an organizational makeover. The kids are back in school, and you’ll be able to complete your custom closet installation long before your folks come to town for the holidays. When you work with a custom design company, this kind of renovation is easy—one phone call, and you’re well on your way toward having a beautiful and functional organizational system in your own home.

Get started by scheduling your free design consultation with Closet America. One of our design experts will meet with you at your home in Silver Spring to take measurements and discover what your closet dreams are made of. With the luxurious addition of perfectly designed closets, you’ll never want to leave your Maryland home again.

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