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Custom Closet Design Takes Your Home to the Next Level

5 minute read, by Closet America, on Sep 11, 2017

Whether you’re interested in organization in general or you’re simply trying to make sense of your family’s chaotic lifestyle, custom closets are here to help.

Entering a prospective new home for the first time, your head is filled with all the remodeling ideas you’re already thinking of bringing to life in this fresh space. Of course, even if you’ve lived in your home for years, you can just as easily get the itch to make a change. You might be thinking of getting new kitchen countertops, remodeling your master bath, or giving your walls a fresh coat of paint. But there’s one remodeling strategy that will quickly transform the entire feel of your home with a lot less effort on your part—customizing your storage spaces.

Whether you’re interested in organization in general or you’re simply trying to make sense of your family’s chaotic lifestyle, custom closets are there to help. From the entryway to the bedrooms and even the kitchen, custom organization systems can be used around the home to seriously improve organization and aesthetics. Take your home to the next level with luxurious, simple, modern, or classic custom design, and live out your remodeling dreams.

custom mud room

Start with the Mudroom

One of the first areas my clients always apologize for when I arrive at their home for a design consultation is the entryway. Especially for bigger families with small children, these foyers are in serious need of organization. Maybe you’re staring at a shoe graveyard filled to overflowing with neglected and forgotten footwear. Or, perhaps you’re forever sidestepping mountains of mismatched sports gear, piles of outerwear, and haphazardly thrown backpacks. Whatever the case, a custom mudroom may just be your saving grace.

With customized shelving for each member of the family, pull-out chrome baskets, sturdy hanging hardware, and added seating, a custom mudroom design will immediately help you declutter the most trafficked area of your home. Besides, the beauty of custom design is that you can completely customize this cabinetry to fit your style. Whether you want your mudroom area to blend in with the existing finishes of your home or you’re looking to make a statement with your new organization system, you’ll be able to bring that inspiration to life.

custom walk in closet

Transform Your Walk-in Closet

For the master or madam of the home, a custom walk-in closet can be a true diamond in the rough. The rest of the home might look like a tornado blew through it, but when you retreat into a custom walk-in closet at the end of a long work day, you can finally relax in a brief moment of luxury. Custom storage keeps every item in your wardrobe beautifully displayed and safely stored, and helps shave precious minutes off your daily routine, giving you more time to relax and enjoy the comforts of home.

Picture this: your next day’s outfit is already hanging on a valet rod. You hook your belt on a belt rack, slide your shoes into their perfectly-sized adjustable shelf, and place your watch into a velvet-lined drawer. After a brief workout, you toss your activewear in a pull-out laundry hamper and spend a moment contemplating what you’ll wear to dinner that evening. At a glance, you can see all of your favorite clothing items hanging beautifully beneath custom LED lights. These experiences in your custom walk-in closet are the moments that help you feel like royalty in your own home.

custom reach in closet

Rethink Your Kids’ Reach-in Closets

While the master closet is entirely for your personal benefit, custom storage in the other bedrooms makes an equally significant impact on your daily experience. Especially if your children have smaller reach-in closets that overflow with toys, shoes, and clothes, the other bedrooms in your home are probably in dire need of some customized organizational tactics. Ditch the mile-high stack of plastic bins and get going with a custom design that will help keep everything in its place perfectly—and will make the daily cleanup a lot easier for all of you.

A reach-in closet can still encompass the best that custom design has to offer. You can include soft-close drawers (which are perfect for bedrooms with minimal square footage), custom shelving that takes full advantage of tall vertical spaces, dual hanging rods which double your clothing storage potential, and pull-out chrome baskets to help wrangle oddly shaped items.

With this kind of organizational framework, it will be much easier for even your youngest children to help out with the daily cleanup routine. Plus, a custom reach-in closet grows with them as each child ages, becoming even more of an asset as they grow old enough to appreciate it.

custom walk in pantry

Top It All off with a Custom Pantry

Finally, we tackle organization in the busiest room of the home: the kitchen. Whether you’re a budding master chef yourself or you’re hoarding snacks for four small children, a beautifully organized custom pantry is a huge asset. Custom shelving means that there’s a perfectly designated space for each of the staple items you bring home, and it becomes immensely easier to find the ingredients you need when preparing a meal.

Custom accessories make your new pantry even more luxurious. Start by adding in a pull-out bottle rack to store your favorite vino close at hand, and consider doing the same with a pull-out spice rack. Include slim vertical shelves to hold baking sheets and cutting boards. Install pull-out chrome baskets at your child’s eye level so that they can independently grab an appropriate snack item or help you make their lunch each morning. Leave perfectly-sized shelving space for appliances you don’t wish to see on the counter every day. Combined, these helpful tools create the pantry you’ve always dreamed of.

custom walk in closet

Get Started With Your Custom Closet Design Today

No matter where you are in the homeowner’s journey, and no matter which room needs a little organizational help, a custom closet remodel will seriously change the feel of your space. From the entryway to the bedrooms and beyond, high-quality custom cabinetry has the potential to give you that “new home” feeling that you always wish for at the end of a remodeling project—without the aches and pains of doing all that backbreaking work yourself! When your head is sufficiently full of design inspiration, simply call up your local custom closet company and get started with a designer to start bringing your ideas into the real world.

Looking for a good starting place? Reach out to us today to schedule a free design consultation with one of Closet America’s design experts. We’ll work with you to create a custom solution for any and every room in your home, so that everything will finally be in its place, perfectly.


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