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Closet Room Design: A Guide for Value-Minded Homeowners

5 minute read, by Closet America, on Jun 14, 2018

You’ve suddenly acquired an entire room that you can transform into an expansive master closet. Now, it’s time to let the professionals assist you with your new closet room design. 

Well, it’s finally happened. Those many years of living with limited or confined space are gone. You’ve suddenly acquired an entire room that you can transform into an expansive master closet. Maybe it was the last of your kids venturing forth to independence, or maybe you’ve purchased a new home with a generous portion of extra space. Either way, congrats are in order! The opportunity for a custom closet is now at hand and you want to make the most of this newly-found space. But as a value-minded homeowner in Northern Virginia, what is the best approach to accomplish your goal?

Well, you could check the big-box stores for the wide variety of storage hardware and accessories that you can purchase and install in an almost infinite number of arrangements. Although, you’d have to sketch your closet room design pretty accurately, and then research dimensions of the storage hardware you plan to install. Even with that level of planning, the installation process for a room that size would take you a few days. If you did this for a living, the entire process would be so much easier. With that thought in mind, to obtain the best closet rooms design we recommend hiring professionals. In the long run, you’ll be saving time and money. Professionals excel in all aspects of the process—design, manufacture, and installation.

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Begin with a Professional Closet Room Design

A custom closet room design begins with an experienced professional who not only understands all the factors involved in good design but also has a time-tested process for working with homeowners. Look for a designer endorsed by organizations like Angie’s List and Better Business Bureau. An experienced designer will arrange a consultation in your home and is happy to meet on evenings or weekends to accommodate your busy schedule. Prior to the actual design, your designer will want to learn about your lifestyle, your daily schedule, as well as the wardrobe, accessories, and any other items you plan to place in the new closet. Every room is unique so your designer will evaluate the existing space, carefully measure the dimensions, and take note of lighting, outlets, switches, and other features that factor in the design.  

visualize the closet room design

Visualize the Design

A well-prepared designer provides samples of cabinetry finishes, accessories, and components to show you the variety and quality of materials used to construct your custom closet. The best designers also use software to create a 3D design based on the information gathered during your consultation. The 3D design lets you see your closet room design exactly as it would be installed. With software, it’s very easy to make modifications to the layout, cabinetry finish, and accessories to meet your tastes. When you’ve explored the layout and component options and agreed on a final design, the 3D model is then used as the blueprint for the manufacturing process.

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Quality Components for Custom Design

The design process is the first step, but equally important are the actual components that comprise your custom closet room design. When making an investment that brings long-term home value choose durable components that will maintain their look throughout years of daily use. Consider these essential components that transform your room into an environment that improves the value of your home and significantly enhances your lifestyle.

  • Floor-to-ceiling cabinetry is engineered and built using top-quality materials. Metal leg levelers for the predictably uneven floors of older homes and hidden wall supports ensure stability and uniform alignment. Select from a wide variety of finishes and hardware to suit your style.

  • Islands make the best use of the middle of a large closet and provide surface area for items and accessories as you transition through your day.

  • Dovetailed drawer boxes have three-millimeter beveled edge banding for durability. Soft-close slides allow drawers to extend fully for easier access to drawer contents and bring a hushed elegance to the simple act of closing a drawer.  

  • Jewelry drawers are designed to beautifully display your jewelry in single or double-level velvet-lined drawers for extra care.

  • Built-in hampers that match your cabinetry are made from heavy-gauge steel and are the smart way to manage the laundry. Removable liners allow quick transfer of laundry from hamper to washer.

  • Tie racks slide out for easy access, neat organization, and wrinkle-free management of your collection.

  • Valet rods are a very practical addition, providing a convenient spot to plan tomorrow’s outfit or temporarily hang your latest batch of dry cleaning.

custom closet manufacturing

Advantages of Local Manufacturing

That impressive 3D design model becomes the blueprint for the manufacturing process. The custom components of your closet are precisely cut using computer-assisted manufacturing technology, and assembled, finished, and inspected by experienced craftsmen.  

There are real advantages in having your custom closet components manufactured locally. If the engineers in the manufacturing facility have any questions regarding the design, they can easily contact the designer, and even confer on the shop floor if there are any questions regarding the specifications. Local manufacturing also eliminates the risk of damage during shipping. Your custom closet components are protectively packaged at the manufacturing facility and delivered directly to your home on the day of installation.

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Installation by a Reputable Contractor

As a homeowner, you may have had the unfortunate experience of dealing with an unreliable contractor. You know how painful that experience can be. When you’re making an investment in a custom closet room design, quality of installation is just as important as the quality of materials and manufacturing. Choose a reputable, insured installation contractor, one with a reputation for professionalism, craftsmanship, and service in the Alexandria, Virginia area.   

An experienced installation contractor respects your home. Cleanliness before, during, and after installation is a priority. Before installation, your floors are protected with tarps and runners. After installation, all work areas are inspected to ensure any trace of dust and debris has been removed. Installation of your master closet will usually be completed within one day

After you’ve had the opportunity to “move in” and experience all the benefits of a custom design, a conscientious installation contractor will contact you to make sure all components are working properly and make any adjustments if needed.

Craft a Custom Closet Room Design for Your Home

When you have the good fortune of gaining space in your home for a master closet you’ll want to maximize the value and utility of that room. Work with an experienced professional who considers your lifestyle and wardrobe taste. In-home consultation, 3-D modeling and visualization of your design, quality materials, computer-aided manufacturing, and reputable installation are essential to help you obtain the greatest value from your investment.

Sign up today for a free consultation with the experienced designers at Closet America so that we can transform that newly-gained room into a fabulous custom closet. Our team of experienced closet designers will work with you to craft the best solutions for your lifestyle and needs and design a closet that will add value to your life and your home.



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