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Custom Closets Take Greenbelt, MD Homes to the Next Level

4 minute read, by Closet America, on Jun 10, 2019

Whether you’re thinking about property prices or simply looking for a better way to organize your Greenbelt, MD home, custom closets can help you make the change you’re seeking. 

Home values are rising rapidly in Greenbelt, MD, and it’s no surprise. This small, friendly community with a unique history is close to Washington, and yet it retains its own quirky charm and identity, with terrific choices for casual dining and abundant opportunities for outdoor activities. There’s no question about it—it’s a great place to live.

Whether you are thinking about property prices or simply looking for a better way to organize your home, custom closets can help you make the change you’re seeking. No matter where you need some additional organizational support in your home, Closet America has some great solutions that will make your home more livable—and valuable—than ever.

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Home Improvement with Custom Closets in Greenbelt, MD

Closet customization can improve your family’s home life by making it neater and more orderly while increasing the value of your home at the same time. There are many ways to incorporate customized storage solutions in your home. Here is a quick view of some of the most popular choices.

A Mudroom

You can begin your customization right at the door. You might want to create a handy mudroom in the entranceway. We can build lockers, with or without doors, to separate the jackets and sports equipment of your family members, and install chrome wire baskets and shoe shelves beneath them. Polished chrome hooks add to the utility of the space. A bench and countertop can be handy for putting on shoes and setting down things you are carrying.

The Pantry

Whether you have a walk-in pantry or reach-in pantry, it is a space that is rarely used to its full potential. You can put entire walls to work for you, with foodstuffs, small appliances, dishes, tableware and linens neatly sorted and safely stored on customized adjustable shelves and in drawers and baskets. Even the hard-to-reach corner spaces can be optimized with a floor-to-ceiling lazy Susan, and you can customize the space even further with bottle and spice racks and chrome hooks.

Reach-in Closets

If you have reach-in closets, even if they are really small closets, you may not realize just how much you can fit into it with the right organization system. As is the case for all customized closets, the secret is to use the entire space. In the coat closet, this could mean installing a wardrobe lift to raise the coats that hang in the closet, giving you space beneath them for shelves, wire baskets or drawers and shoe shelves. This will also enable you to store the accessories that go outside with you—umbrellas, hats, and scarves, for example—neatly compartmentalized and within easy reach. In the children’s rooms, closet customization will make cleaning their rooms an entirely different experience. You’ll be glad the closet systems are adjustable as the children grow.

Walk-in Closets

The walk-in closet in your master bedroom is where organization meets beauty. The inherent—and noticeable—quality of a closet organization system and your choice of beautiful finish can complement the overall look of your home, and the design you create, whether it is streamlined elegance or full of as many grand flourishes as your heart desires, will satisfy you and impress everyone who sees it.

You can add handy features such as a built-in hamper (with a removable cloth liner for easy carrying) or a fold-out ironing board to the mix of storage solutions in your closet. A second rod beneath your wardrobe lift will double the space you have for hanging your clothes. You may enjoy glass-fronted cabinets as well, or a peninsula or island for greater storage space and a convenient countertop. In addition to these things, as well as shelves, drawers, and baskets, there are all sorts of smaller details that can make your custom closet your own, such as:

  • Slide-out racks for belts, scarves or ties

  • Valet rods for organizing your day’s wardrobe

  • Jewelry storage, customized to fit your closet and your needs

custom closet racks and rods

This is far from all the places where you can make your home more beautiful and orderly with custom organization systems. You may also want to consider updating your entertainment center, giving your laundry room a much-needed makeover, or adding greater functionality to your home office.

Get the Best Quality for Your Organization Systems

Regardless of what organization systems you choose to install in your home, the one thing they all should have: high quality. That’s why every system Closet America builds is floor-standing, with built-in levelers. We make everything by hand, with the highest standards of workmanship and the highest quality materials.

Our four-step production process starts with a free design consultation. You can make an appointment with one of our experts, who will come to your home at a convenient time on any day of the week. Together, you can go over your organizational needs and talk about ways to meet them. Then our expert will create an interactive 3D model using CAD technology to show you exactly what your customized closets look like.

Find out more about getting custom closets in your Greenbelt, MD home. Contact Closet America today to arrange your free design consultation.


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