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Why Closet America Prices Are Worth It: An Insider’s Perspective

4 minute read, by Closet America, on Jun 5, 2018

Closet America’s custom designed, manufactured, and installed closets are additions that will last the entire life of your home.

In today’s fast-paced, chaotic, and automated world, it’s incredibly easy to get basically any home improvement project completed instantly. But the uniqueness of custom designed closets is that they are not a quick, cheap fix. For homeowners that are in serious need of organizational help (or those who value high-quality product and process), a system designed by Closet America is a far better investment. Custom designed, manufactured, and installed closets are additions that will last the entire life of your home.

In the DC metro area, Closet America has earned a reputation for offering impeccably high-quality services and products from start to finish of every single design project we take on. With inside knowledge from Jennie Rinker, one of our most experienced designers, we’ve outlined four main reasons why custom closets are worth the price.

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Reason #1: Professional Designers Come to Your Home

Depending on where you go, truly good customer service can be hard to come by. You can sit with a clerk at a big box store, armed with your closet measurements, and end up with a sketch that somehow doesn’t meet the exact space you have at home.

The problem with the other methods is that the designer is not actually physically present in your closet, taking inventory of how many pairs of shoes you own. The average woman thinks they have 30-60 pairs of shoes, but some of us actually own more than 90. Those are details that only a designer standing in your master walk-in would notice. Closet America designers come directly to your home to take painstaking measurements, analyze structural quirks, and take inventory of your storage needs. It’s a far more personal process, and you’ll end up with a result that accommodates your wardrobe beautifully—with room to spare.

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Reason #2: We Utilize Cutting-Edge ‘Screen to Machine’ Technology

When you get a custom closet made by Closet America, you can be assured that everything is 100% custom built to the exact specifications of your home. That’s because our design experts use an advanced design technology system that sends schematics directly to our in-house manufacturing system. What you see on the screen, standing in your own closet, is exactly what you’ll get.

While many companies still work with 2D graph paper sketches, this technology allows Closet America’s designers to develop the programming that our machines will execute. Our 3D imaging software helps them see how a different layout will look better and give them more space. The 3D software inspires excitement and helps our clients decide exactly what they want for their closet and it creates a far more precise and accurate end result that will add value to their home.

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Reason #3: Our Closets are a Perfect Custom Fit

Prefabricated shelving systems are often mass-produced in pre-determined measurements. However, no closet comes in perfect 18- or 24-inch increments—especially not in Northern Virginia, where a majority of homes predate such trends. If you’ve tried to outfit a closet with products from big box stores, you probably are already frustrated with the reality that 2-3 inch gaps are everywhere in your closet design. It’s impossible to get a perfect fit without going truly custom.

Unlike with other systems, with Closet America you’re going to have a perfect fit. Our American company uses German-inspired design principles, which means our products come within 20 millimeters of an object. That’s less than an inch. They’re very custom-fit. Our engineering and manufacturing are much more precise than anything you could find in a store.

closet america prices are worth it

Reason #4: We Offer Everything Under One Roof

Some companies mass produce shelving at regional centers and then subcontract installers to recut in the client’s home. But at Closet America everything is kept in-house. We design, manufacture, and install every single project from start to finish. No subcontractors, no mass transporting of product across the country, and no middlemen. Jennie elaborates:

Having everything in-house means less environmental impact and far more quality control—and a far superior customer experience. Our designers are in touch with you from the consultation through installation and even beyond, offering organizational advice and tips for reconfiguring your custom shelving when necessary. At Closet America, we partner with you for the life of your closet—and with our product, that’s a really long time.

See How Closet America Prices Measure Up

It may be easy to order a closet organizer from Amazon and install it yourself in your existing space—but those who have custom closets know firsthand the inherent differences between the two methods. Even working with other closet design companies, it’s clear that Closet America has a truly unique approach to customer service, manufacturing, quality control, and management. These elements may bring up the cost of a closet renovation slightly. But, in return, you’ll receive an exceptional product and an even better customer service experience. If quality is your chief concern, it’s clear which option is the best investment.

Ready to get started on the closet of your dreams? Schedule your free design consultation with Closet America today. We’ll send one of our design experts directly to your home to get the process moving. Our goal is to provide each client with organization systems that exceed all expectations—and an experience that they can’t wait to share with the neighborhood. We can’t wait to welcome you into the community of people who truly appreciate the value of a fantastically designed and built custom closet.


Closet America was able to work with my unique circumstances in order to give me the best use of my space.

Amy B.,
Fairfax Station, VA

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