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Closet Organization Solutions: How to Make Starting Your Day Easier

4 minute read, by Closet America, on May 23, 2019

If you’ve got a hectic lifestyle that makes you feel like you’re constantly just trying to keep up, it’s time for some closet organization solutions.

Your closet is the lynchpin of your day; the dressing area you crawl to, bleary-eyed, in the morning, and the welcoming space for undressing for bed at night. It supports you in everything you do and serves as a hub for all your activities. But the closet is humble, and no one ever stops to think about how much it really affects our lives.

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Think about someone whose closets are disorganized, messy. They’re always running late and can never sift through piles of junk fast enough to find the clothing or items they really need. They’re stressed out and frustrated. We’ve all been this person at one point or another in our lives.

Now think about someone you know who has an organized closet. The person who immediately comes to mind is likely someone who’s got it all figured out. A clean, tidy closet enables them to make thoughtful choices about what to wear or what items to take along with them. And because their closet is organized, they can find what they need when they need it, allowing them to leave each morning on time, no muss, no fuss.

We all know someone who’s obviously using closet organization solutions at home. They are relaxed, well put-together, and punctual. It’s hard not to admire them—and perhaps even be a little jealous. But by using a few custom closet solutions of your own, you can be that confident, prepared person you’ve always wanted to be.

Closet Organization Helps You Start and End Your Day Right

In the real world, you’ve got meetings to attend, kids to pick up and drop off, and social commitments to keep. If you’ve got a hectic lifestyle that makes you feel like you’re constantly just trying (and failing) to keep up, it’s time for some closet organization solutions.

An important part of any professional career is presenting oneself in a positive light by dressing well. To do this, you need to keep your clothes clean and ironed, storing them somewhere easily accessible when you’re getting dressed. You need a closet to protect your clothes, as nice clothing quickly becomes an expensive collection. You need a dressing area where you can do your hair, make-up, or put on accessories. If you have kids, you have even more things to take care of before you can leave the house every morning.

Every parent knows getting kids ready for school can be an ongoing battle. One way to make mornings run more smoothly is to have well-organized closets. Some kids are picky about their outfits; a good closet organization solution for this is to use valet rods that enable you to select kids’ clothes the night before. Tidy closets make it easier to find sweaters, scarves or rain jackets if you wake up to bad weather. And they keep school, cheerleading or sports uniforms neatly lined up when kids are on the go.

Finally, a well-kept closet helps relieve stress at day’s end. When you’re getting ready for bed, they offer an area where you can hang up clothes or put soiled ones into hampers equipped with removable liners. It gives you a place to put your jewelry, wallet, and accessories so they won’t get lost. It holds your nightclothes, robe, and slippers just as faithfully as any valet. Your custom closet can have shelves to house scent diffusers, deep tissue massagers, air humidifiers and anything else you need to relax before bed. With that much less to worry about, an organized closet allows you to slip into bed and sleep soundly knowing you’re prepared for the next morning.

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Customization Options for Your Ideal Closet

Your closet organization solutions should be customized to support the lifestyle you live. Some features worth considering include:

  • Valet rods that keep clothes wrinkle-free

  • Peninsulas and closet islands that add counter and storage space

  • Secure jewelry storage

  • Sturdy chrome laundry hampers that have adjustable liners

  • Foldable ironing boards that can be easily hidden

  • Tie racks that slide in and out, keeping ties crisp and ironed

  • Slide-out, retractable belt racks

  • Soft-close drawers that glide shut

  • Adjustable shoe-shelves that can hold any sized shoe, from sandals to boots

Of course, new closet hardware isn’t a real solution to your time management problems if it’s not built from materials that will last. Look for details such as:

  • Stable, floor-bolted designs

  • Hidden leveling legs and wall supports

  • Dovetail boxes that fit seamlessly within drawers

  • Peel-resistant edge banding, at least 3-millimeters thick

  • Sturdy, beautiful hardware

Tidy Up Your Life with Custom Closet Organization Solutions

You can enhance your daily routine by installing the closet organization solutions of your choice. You can choose where every detail is placed, making your closet the perfect area for getting ready in the morning and evenings, your way. Your custom closet will have the layout you want and offer a place to store all of your daily items and favorite things. It’s the ultimate time-saver for any professional or parent who’s always running late.

We’d be happy to send one of our design experts to your home to give you a free design consultation. Our expert will talk with you about your time-saving goals and how you imagine the closet of your dreams. Then they will make an interactive 3D model of your remodeled closet so you can have a good idea of how it will look and work. Our expert will show you samples of our durable hardware and give you a price quote that will remain valid for up to a year.

Your custom closet will be hand-built by craftsmen at our shop in Landover, MD. It will be built to your precise specifications and installed neatly and efficiently, perhaps within a single day. Your new closets will be elegant and will add to your home’s value, including a transferrable warranty good for twice the life of your home.

If you’re ready to save time with closets customized to support your lifestyle, contact Closet America today. We’ll schedule your free design consultation and get started designing the closet of your dreams.

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