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The Best Walk In Shoe Closet You Can Buy in 2018

4 minute read, by Closet America, on Apr 26, 2018

By installing a custom walk-in shoe closet, you can protect expensive shoes, find the right pair when you want, and display gorgeous shoes as the works of art they truly are.

Oh, the joy of shoes. Covet them, buy them, wear them, and feel fabulous. But as any shoe lover knows, the amount of money spent collecting these wearable works of art can add up. As Sex in the City’s Carrie Bradshaw once said about the cost of her shoe-buying obsession, “I will literally be the old woman who lived in her shoes.”

After you buy an irresistible new pair, what happens next? How do you properly store and care for them? When you invest in lovely things, you want to ensure they will last for years to come. But, a love of fashion can lead to piles of shoes that clutter your closet, bedroom, and your entire house. Some may resort to dumping shoes into large boxes, where they can get dirty or mismatched. Heavy boots can press down upon delicate heels or sandals, bending them out of shape. That’s when the real problem starts; expensive shoes are ruined, and closets are cluttered.

As closet design specialists, many people have come to us with this very same problem over the years. It’s a problem that can be easily avoided with planning. By installing a custom walk-in shoe closet, you can protect expensive shoes, find the right pair when you want, and display gorgeous shoes as the works of art they truly are.

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A Real Shoe Lover Needs a Walk in Shoe Closet

If you love owning beautiful shoes, installing a high-quality, walk-in shoe closet can be the best investment you make for your collection.

A walk-in shoe closet:

  • Keeps your shoes organized. The best way to enjoy any collection is to keep it organized, and the act of going through your possessions to sort them can be fun.

  • Makes it easier to clean and maintain shoes. Storing them all in one spot on shoe racks makes polishing and cleaning a chore that goes by faster.

  • Helps you plan your outfits. If you can’t see an article of clothing, you won’t wear it. Having all your shoes in plain sight makes it easier to find the right pair to match whatever outfit you’re putting on.

  • Protects shoes and prevents them from becoming damaged. When shoes are thrown around in closets or corners, or when they are piled on each other, they can break or spread dirt. And why would anyone want to ruin lovely shoes?

  • Displays glamorous shoes and makes your home more beautiful. Some shoes are so gorgeous they make you happy just seeing them. Imagine how great it would feel to open your closet and see your favorite pairs of shoes every morning.

You can spend a lot of money on shoes. But without the right storage, they won’t last you as long and won’t be properly enjoyed!

custom walk in shoe closet with island

Designing the Best Walk in Shoe Closet Money Can Buy in 2018

Experienced designers know how to assess your home and create a walk-in shoe closet that fits your needs—and dreams. With so many design strategies and tips to choose from, your shoe storage area can be tailored to match your lifestyle perfectly.

  • Closet islands and peninsulas can be used to create counter and storage space. Islands and peninsulas can section a space and give you an easy-to-clean, thermally fused laminate surface for polishing shoes.

  • Adjustable shelves can be moved around to fit shoes of all sizes. This enables you to store boots, heels, or sandals all in the same closet. As you buy or give away items, the closet racks can be adjusted to accommodate your collection, which optimizes closet space.

  • Chrome-accented shelving adds a touch of class. Add a little shine to your closet by selecting this glamorous finish.

  • Shoe-specific closet areas put them in the spotlight. Many shoe lovers want to isolate shoes from the rest of their wardrobes to keep them front and center. Your closet can be designed to ensure footwear doesn’t get mixed up with clothing, accessories, or handbags, making it more functional for the daily need of a shoe enthusiast. Or, add mirrors behind shoe storage areas to create an eye-catching display niche.

  • Floor-to-ceiling cabinetry is useful and artistic. Your dream closet can have floor-to-ceiling cabinetry that is not only useful, but a striking way to display a shoe collection. This is an excellent design strategy to store collectibles that double as decor. That’s why floor-to-ceiling cabinetry has been popular in opulent homes since the 16th century.

  • Pull-out drawers can house your most treasured pairs. Want to stash designer shoes away for truly important occasions? Your dream closet can also include pullout drawers that add drama to the ritual of dressing up. Soft-close drawers that shut smoothly and quietly can even be lined, giving treasured shoes a resting place fit for royalty.

These are just some of the ways a closet can be customized to reflect your style and vision. And with a customized walk-in shoe closet, your shoes can make you feel fabulous even when you aren’t wearing them.

How to Get Started on the Walk in Shoe Closet of Your Dreams

We understand why you love wearing beautiful shoes—because they make you feel amazing. Let us help you maintain and organize your shoe collection so you can enjoy it for years to come with a walk-in closet customized especially for you.

How long have you been dreaming of a walk-in shoe closet of your very own? With the innovative designs and hardware, our experts offer, 2018 is the year to go for it. Schedule a free consultation with a Closet America designer who shares your love of shoes today.


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