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5 Reach In Closet Remodel Ideas to Try This Spring

4 minute read, by Closet America, on Apr 11, 2019

These reach-in closet remodel ideas will have your closet looking as bright and fresh as spring in no time.

Spring is here. The crocuses and daffodils are emerging, the songbirds are returning, and people’s thoughts are turning to their summer wardrobe and spring cleaning. You might be looking at that reach-in closet of yours with a certain amount of icy-cold dread. Nothing takes the joy out of putting away the heavy winter things and getting out the Hawaiian prints like a messy, overstuffed closet. Fortunately, Closet America can suggest some reach-in closet remodel ideas that will have your closet looking as bright and fresh as spring in no time.

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A Few Fresh Reach-in Closet Remodel Ideas

Many times, we start out in our homes with a closet that is an awkward, empty space with a rod and shelf near the top and absolutely nothing else in it. That’s not a problem in and of itself—after all, we all have to start somewhere. The problem is that we tend to leave our closets like that, or worse, stick in some kind of rickety, sagging wire “shelf” that doesn’t help a lot. In other words, we overlook the potential of that space and, in doing so, unconsciously cause ourselves a lot of inconvenience—more, in fact, than would actually be involved in transforming that space for the better.

When you’re ready to upgrade that reach-in closet, we have a few remodeling ideas for you, no matter how big or how small your closet may be. The key is to get organized and use your space well. To do that, you need high-quality closet solutions like these:

1. A wardrobe lift

Your clothes don’t have to hang at eye-level all the time. This is especially true if there’s an unreachable, underused shelf over your clothes rod. A strong, polished steel wardrobe lift holds your clothes hangers close to the ceiling until you pull it out and down. That won’t be all that often—maybe twice a day most days. The rest of the time, you’ll have a large block of space freed up and ready to be filled up.

2. Custom adjustable shelves

Shelves should be sturdy, attractive, and adjustable because they are, in a word, your infrastructure. They support your entire organizational system. Adjustability is essential so that you can sort things out, then fit as much as possible (or at least as much as is convenient) onto the shelves without forcibly jamming anything in or leaving massive empty spots. The appearance of shelves is important too because seeing a closet that’s well-organized and pleasing to the eye first thing when you wake up is sure to help put a spring in your step even on the gloomiest of days.

3. Drawers and baskets

Some things just don’t sit well on shelves. That’s why it’s best to put things that are small, oddly shaped, or just plain unsightly in baskets or drawers. Drawers can be beautiful, with custom design, quality construction, and lovely finishes. Shiny chrome baskets can be beautiful too. You may want both—baskets for items you want to find at a glance, and drawers for your ugly little secrets—all the things you don’t want to be visible at first glance.

4. Shoe shelves

A simple closet remodel can help clear up floor clutter as well. Instead of jumbled shoes, shoe shelves add the final touch to your custom closet, and they keep your shoes safe, clean and in perfect order. Once again, you can choose styles and finishes to go with the rest of the closet and the entire room. If you’ve never had shoe shelves (and you wouldn’t be alone in that), you will be amazed at the difference they make.  

5. A hamper

Finally, after all of your clean clothes, accessories, jewelry, shoes, and sundries have found a place, you can make the rest of the house just a little less cluttered by building a hamper into the closet corner. With a little custom flair, it can be made to fit in flawlessly with the rest of your décor. Plus, it will come with a liner, so all you’ll have to do come laundry day is grab it and run. No more loose socks under the bed or any of the other sneaky surprises the laundry so bountifully offers.

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Take Back Your Space With a Custom Closet Remodel

If you’re ready to start the season right with fresh reach-in closet remodel ideas, you can talk them over and see them modeled with 3D CAD technology by making an appointment with a Closet America design expert. One of our designers can come to your home at your convenience, on a weekday or weekend, show you samples of our high-quality European hardware, and walk you through all the options you have to choose from when creating your perfect closet.

Closet America is a locally owned company with production facilities in Landover, MD. Our four-step process ensures that you receive the best service from beginning to end and products made to order with the highest quality engineering. Our own trained staff will install your custom closet. We’re so confident of the superior workmanship we offer that everything we make comes with a transferrable warranty good for twice the lifetime of your home.

You can contact Closet America today to start off this spring with a refreshing remodel that’s sure to bring your closet space blooming to life.

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Let’s Start Your Project

Whether you’re interested in a custom-designed closet, office, pantry, or garage, starting your project couldn’t be easier. Just fill out the attached form or give us a call to schedule your free in-home design consultation. You can download our brochure and you’re welcome to visit our Landover Maryland showroom, to see how beautiful our custom-designed organization systems look in person. We want you to experience the Closet America difference and see how we build organizing solutions for life.

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