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Interior Closet Storage Solutions That Maryland Families Can Use to Finally Get Organized

5 minute read, by Closet America, on Apr 9, 2019

Custom interior closet storage solutions can help bring a little order into even the most hectic of households.

The abundance of things to do is one of the reasons to love the Maryland lifestyle. But it can be hard keeping your family organized. With school and work on the weekdays and sports and play dates on the weekends, there is always a whirlwind of activity at home. Even the dog gets in on the action. He has walks and runs and appointments with the groomer.

After a busy week, it might be closer to the truth to say it’s like a hurricane hitting the house. At that point, no one can hope to find a thing they’re looking for. At some point, you take a good look around and realize that it’s time to start thinking about interior closet storage solutions—and finding a custom closet company that can help you bring those solutions to life.

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Interior Closet Storage Solutions That Make Life Better

Everyone knows better, sure, but it still happens—shoes come off in the mudroom and get left where they fall. Jackets may even land on top of them. The kids run through the house trailing toys and more sports equipment behind them. The same for the parents and their clothes. You dress for work all week, then change when you get home. On the weekends, you dress to go running, dress to go shopping, dress to go to dinner, and probably change your clothes one more time just for good measure. At least some of those clothes probably end up in a heap somewhere on the floor.

If the designated shoe spot in the mudroom is the corner, you can be sure that those shoes are going to start spreading. That’s what shoes do, especially if they are being chased around by tennis rackets, lacrosse sticks, and dog toys. The kids may be a little more orderly in the house itself, but if putting their things “away” just means piling them up in their bedrooms, it’s a limited success anyway. Interior closet storage solutions allow you to create places for things. You decide what you want to put away, and where you want it put, and we create the storage.

Let’s start with the mudroom.

If that should be the place for shoes, sports equipment, and the dog’s stuff, you can do that. It can all be sorted, lined up, and slotted into its own designated spot. Think about the lockers at the kids’ school. It’s a super-efficient storage system, and you can recreate that in your mudroom. You might want to leave the doors off—a lot of times that’s more attractive, or have some or all the compartments with doors. Then the baseball mitts can go in one and the jackets in others. Smaller things like the dog toys might go better into drawers or slide-out chrome baskets, which can be positioned under the lockers, while oversized things like the archery equipment can be hung on polished chrome hooks to the sides.

And then voila, no more risk of tripping when you carry the groceries in, no more chewie bones on top of the kids’ outerwear. Instead, you will have sturdy and attractive features made from easy-to-clean, scratch-resistant shelving with a thermofused finish and top-of-the-line hardware that will serve your family well for years to come.

You can accomplish similar wonders in the kids’ rooms.

The same “lockers” that revolutionized your mudroom could do the same in a child’s bedroom. If that seems like more than you need, on the other hand, there are other interior closet storage solutions that can help. Think about the kids’ closets: they are for so much more than clothes. As a matter of fact, keeping the clothes out of the way may be the most important thing to do with them. You can use that space for games, toys, off-season sports gear, and the rest of the stuff currently strewn around their rooms.

With a customized closet feature, you can hang some clothes up high, and put the rest on shelves and in drawers in the closet space. Reserve the lower space for the things the kids use often. Shelves, drawers and chrome baskets will be just what you need here too. Go for high-quality components and features that are strong and adjustable. They will not only last, but they will also change to meet your children’s changing needs, should they grow from being teddy bear collectors to clothes horses, or progressively expand their collection of sports gear.

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Custom solutions can also help make your walk-in closet in the master bedroom shine.

The same solutions that can corral your kids’ clutter can bring the interior closet in your bedroom to life on a grander scale. Picture replacing drab, dusty shelves and creaky old drawers with gorgeous new (adjustable!) storage spaces. If you need a hamper close at hand, that is easily added, along with all the shelves and drawers you need to get your closet into shape. Think about:

  • Shoe shelves

  • Secure jewelry storage

  • A hideaway ironing board

  • Belt, tie and scarf racks

  • Pull-out valet rods

  • LED shelf lighting

Consider a wide variety of designs and finishes to complement your décor. Imagine the possibilities of adding (or replacing) an island or peninsula? Or a chandelier or minibar? A little extra finesse can go a long way toward making your interior closet space truly yours.

Get Organized in Style with Closet America

You can organize and beautify your home with customized closet features. Not only that, it will increase the value of your home. You can request a free design consultation to see just how many ways interior closet storage solutions help you become more organized throughout the house.

One of our expert closet designers will visit you in your home at a time that is convenient for you. They will talk with you about your organizational needs and the ideas you have for better storage. Then they will use CAD technology to create 3D models of your customization options so you can see the possibilities for yourself before making any decisions. Once you’re happy with our plan, our team will begin a three-step production process, crafting every piece by hand and to order, using the highest-quality engineering processes. After your new closet systems are in place, you will receive a transferrable warranty for double the life of your house.

See how much improved organization can improve life around your house. Contact Closet America today to schedule your free in-home consultation.

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Whether you’re interested in a custom-designed closet, office, pantry, or garage, starting your project couldn’t be easier. Just fill out the attached form or give us a call to schedule your free in-home design consultation. You can download our brochure and you’re welcome to visit our Landover Maryland showroom, to see how beautiful our custom-designed organization systems look in person. We want you to experience the Closet America difference and see how we build organizing solutions for life.

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