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Custom Home Offices in Northern Virginia Make Working From Home Even Easier

5 minute read, by Closet America, on Mar 12, 2019

Work from home and avoid rush hour traffic in Northern Virginia with a custom home office tailored to fit your specific needs and preferences.

Most of Northern Virginia is outside of the DC beltway, but you wouldn’t know it from the traffic. That might be why more and more employers in Northern Virginia are offering their workers the option to telecommute, and more jobs are moving entirely into the virtual space. Although we tend to think of telecommuters as young graphic designers working from hip coffee shops and cafes, the people taking advantage of the ability to work remotely are a diverse group. Among them are professionals like lawyers and architects that split their time between the office and a home office, busy stay-at-home parents who do part-time work in their spare moments, and fully remote employees collaborating in a fully virtual office.

If you’ve worked from home then you know that while the idea of working from your couch or kitchen table is tempting, the reality is that the power cord for the laptop snags your feet, and last night’s dishes in the sink are distracting. A designated work area is the key to actually getting work done from home. Custom home offices in Northern Virginia from Closet America are tailored to your specific needs and help you complete your work more quickly no matter where in your home you set up your home office.

How a Custom Home Office Helps All Types of Telecommuters

At Closet America we’ve had all types of clients that work from home. Our customers include busy professionals and busy parents that freelance when they have the time. The keys to successfully working from home is a comfortable, organized, and clutter-free work area that allows focus. A Closet America custom home office is designed around you to provide a work environment tailored to your career, your home, and your lifestyle.

Consider a stay-at-home mother in Alexandria who continued programming as a freelancer after having her son. She needed a workspace where she could do her coding and keep an eye on him as he napped. The solution was converting an alcove in her living room into a private coding nook. A built-in desk was sufficient for her laptop, drawers provided filing space for her work agreements and invoices, and custom shelving kept the printer out of the way. While her son slept in his playpen she was free to focus on completing the day’s goals. Other clients with older children have needed a more private custom home office solution.

Offices in spare bedrooms come with one great advantage if you have a couple rambunctious older children and you’re working from home—they have a door that can close. However, most rooms were built for sleep, not office work, and that’s where a custom home office tailored to your needs by Closet America can help North Virginia telecommuters.

Custom Home Offices in Northern Virginia are Tailored to Your Needs

custom home office in northern virginia

Careful design can turn a regular room into a home office that provides everything you need. Take a successful structural engineer, for example. He splits his time between construction firm offices and working from home. He needed not only the space to set up a computer with multiple screens, but also desk space to spread out blueprints for review before signing off on them. He also needed drawers and filing cabinets to store copies of plans and reports. A custom home office by Closet America offered solutions with:

  • Generous workspaces. A desk is more than just a place to set up a computer. It can be a place to write out your ideas, mark up draft proposals before sending them, and redlining plans for designers. A home office should have surfaces for multiple monitors and switching between virtual work and paperwork.

  • Cable management. While we’ve made great strides, not every bit of technology is wireless quite yet. Power cords and cables can get in your way and create a cluttered appearance. However, Closet America custom offices have grommets, clips, and hidden places to keep cables tucked out of the way allowing you to use the whole desk surface and swing your feet unimpeded.

  • Shelving and compartments. The best custom home office design provides a place close by for you to store your work supplies and equipment like printers and scanners.

  • Drawers and filing solutions. Any kind of work generates documents. You’ll want a way of keeping all these records organized, easy to find when needed, and easy to update as projects progress to their finish. Drawers for stashing away smaller items in easy-to-find places prevent clutter from accumulating.

  • Accent lighting. A custom home office should be easy on the eyes in more ways than one. Accent lighting gives your home office an inviting ambiance, and makes jotting down notes, poring over references, or reading on your computer easier on the eyes too.

Each of these components can be tailored to every client. A lawyer working entirely from home writing and reviewing contracts may not need a huge work surface. A laptop may suffice for writing and emailing his work. However, he may need more shelving and filing space than is typical to store reference books and copies of signed contracts. We’ve found that accent lighting not only spotlights a handsome leather-bound set of legal texts but makes it easier to find the correct volume when it is needed. A custom home office in Northern Virginia should fit your work-from-home needs in every possible way. Creating the comfortable and organized home office of your dreams is easy with Closet America’s design process.

How Closet America Creates the Best Custom Home Offices in Northern Virginia

Designing a Closet America custom home office starts with you. Since working from home you’ve probably noticed a few inconvenient things about your existing workspace. The way you’re always having to shuffle through your documents, the way your laptop power supply keeps snagging on you or your furniture, or even simply the way invoices are piling up. Schedule a free design consultation and one of our experts will come by to help you develop a solution that you can look over in a 3D model that shows your new dream office.

Closet America’s office designs are flexible, and you can change your 3D model to design an office space that not only solves annoyances but creates your dream office. You have the opportunity to add in conveniences and aesthetic touches that make working from home a pleasure. A custom home office is the perfect complement to freshly brewed coffee, pajama bottoms, and a pair of fluffy slippers. Our reviews speak for themselves so if you’re working part-time or full-time from home contact Closet America to get started on your perfect custom home office in Northern Virginia.

Closet America was able to work with my unique circumstances in order to give me the best use of my space.

Amy B.,
Fairfax Station, VA

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