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The Best Custom Closet Builder in Virginia: How Closet America Succeeds

4 minute read, by Closet America, on Mar 6, 2018

High-quality products and services are the key to what makes Closet America the best custom closet builder in Virginia.

It takes a lot to become the best at anything. We know. We’ve put way more than 10,000 hours into becoming the best custom closet builder in the DC Metro area—and we’re proud to report that you won’t just hear that assertion from the mouths of Closet America employees. With our incredible reviews on Yelp and the industry awards we earn year after year, there’s plenty of evidence to suggest that we’re not fooling around when we talk custom closets.

What casual onlookers may not understand is how we earned such a fantastic reputation. What makes a closet company better than all the rest, and how did we get it? At Closet America, we simply put together the perfect list of priorities, including outstanding customer service and highest quality product, and put everything under one roof. Read on to discover how our approach to custom closet building is unique—and how that makes our company the Virginia homeowners’ most popular choice.

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Closet America Designs Your Closet

You can walk into just about any big box store today and walk away with a DIY closet kit. Whether that includes wire shelving, plywood boxes, or brand-name wood pieces, those closet kits are all prefabricated. They come off the shelf according to average measurements, and many Virginia homeowners (especially those in older homes) find themselves with closet spaces that aren’t divisible into perfect 48” lengths.

Going one step up, some of these stores and their competitors online will craft a design for you remotely. You enter the necessary measurements and receive a closet design that’s “guaranteed to fit” without a designer ever seeing the inside of your space. Either of those methods will land you with a mediocre, passable product.

At Closet America, our design experts come directly to your home in Arlington, Burke, or Reston. They’ll take careful measurements down to the millimeter. Together you’ll evaluate the clothes you currently store in your closet, and how to most efficiently organize them. From the very beginning of your closet process, Closet America provides you with professional guidance and expertise.

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Closet America Manufactures Your Closet

When we say it’s “all under one roof,” we really mean it. Closet America recently gained a beautiful new closet factory and showroom headquarters in Lanham, MD, and this one building houses all of the custom closet action. Some closet companies have hundreds of retail stores, regional distribution centers, warehouses, and manufacturing locations—which leaves a lot of room for error and a lot of transportation for your closet to get to your local Virginia home.

Our designers, engineers, technicians, and installers all work together in one central location so we are in full communication through every step of the construction process. There’s never any chance for your product to be “lost” or “damaged” in transit, or for a slight computer error to make its way all the way to your front door before being discovered. We take pride in having a cohesive working environment. We even won an award for our workplace! When you purchase from Closet America, you know that your garage shelving units or custom pantry components were produced by informed and experienced employees who really love what they do.

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Closet America Installs Your Closet

Finally, Closet America employees are the ones installing your closet. I hope you’re noticing a trend. They’re in CA uniform, driving a CA vehicle, and work daily on teams with your designer, President Skip LaBella, and the employees who greeted you at your first visit to our headquarters. We don’t outsource or contract labor out to any other company, locally or internationally. Whether you’re putting in an elegant master closet or a simple custom pantry with clean lines and minimal decorative elements, our employees are the ones making sure it exceeds your expectations for looking beautiful and sophisticated in your home.

The benefit of this point may not be immediately obvious, but those familiar with the home improvement industry know that contracting always leads to communication failures, mistakes, and “passing the buck” when something happens to go wrong. Our installers receive the correct product, special instructions, and schematics that your designer first sent to our engineers during your initial consultation. Everyone is on the same page, and everyone is responsible for the outcome of your closet project. When you partner with Closet America, you can rest assured that every single employee is dedicated to helping you put everything in its place, perfectly.

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The Best Custom Closet Builder in Virginia

At Closet America, we have decades of experience taking Virginia homes from organizational disasters to functional and beautiful storage spaces. Our clients keep coming back for further renovation projects in other parts of the house. On the surface, that’s because we provide impeccable customer service and a product that will last a lifetime. But the true secret behind what makes Closet America the best custom closet builder in Virginia is that we are fully connected as a team, all under one roof, working to give each client the best experience the industry has to offer.

If you’re currently looking for a custom design company to upgrade a storage space or two, consider starting your search with Closet America. Schedule your free design consultation with one of our custom design experts. We can’t wait to prove our professionalism through every step of the design, manufacturing, and installation process.

Closet America was able to work with my unique circumstances in order to give me the best use of my space.

Amy B.,
Fairfax Station, VA

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