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Bathroom with Walk In Closet: Tips and Tricks for Dual Storage

4 minute read, by Closet America, on Feb 26, 2018

These custom dual storage solutions are the key to making your connected bathroom and closet area as cozy and convenient as possible.

There’s nothing like a cold winter day in the DC area to make you long for a cozier morning routine. It’s already rough getting up and sacrificing the warmth of your bed to get dressed and go to work downtown—thank goodness you’ve got a connected bathroom and closet to make things a little easier. But wouldn’t it be nice if you could do it without going crazy trying to find that one tie you like, or the perfect pair of pumps to match that skirt you decided you wanted to wear today?

A master bathroom with a walk-in closet has many benefits, including easing the transition from the shower to the closet and saving you time—not to mention wet carpets. It also gives you the option to store both clothes and linens all in one place. But knowing how to organize it all—without just giving up and stuffing it all in together haphazardly—can be tough. These custom dual storage solutions are the key to streamlining your morning routine and making your connected bathroom and closet area that much cozier and convenient.

custom walk in closet hampers

Declutter Your Closet with Hampers

If your home includes a bathroom with a walk-in closet but does not have a separate linen closet, you will need to address the need for towel and linen space in your closet. This can be a challenge for any Maryland home, but two great organization system accessories you can add to your closet to help with dual storage are hideaway ironing boards and laundry hampers.

After walking into your closet after taking your morning shower, you likely look around for a place to throw that wet towel you just used to dry off. Laundry hampers allow you to sort your laundry quickly and conveniently. Carefully crafted from heavy-gauge steel, these sturdy and fashionable hampers will blend in with your custom closet and also add a ton of functionality to your space. If one of your goals in building a custom closet is to simplify your life, you will certainly be heading in the right direction with this option.

custom fold out ironing board

Increase Convenience by Adding an Ironing Board

We all know the struggle when you grab a shirt or pair of pants off the rack that needs ironing and you’re in a rush. If your ironing board is in a separate area of the house, you need to take the time to locate the ironing board, heat up the iron, and iron your clothing in a completely different room. What if you could do all of that in one simple yet effective space? This can easily be achieved by installing a hideaway ironing board. The best part about a hideaway ironing board is that when you aren’t using it, you won’t even realize it’s there.

You will likely be utilizing this piece of your closet daily, so investing in top quality hardware and materials can go a long way. This little trick can save you time while helping you look sharp throughout the day. The best closets, after all, are the ones that help your morning routine run as smoothly as possible.

custom closet shelves

Organize with Racks and Shelving

When it comes to organizing those towels and linens that don’t get thrown into the laundry hamper, consider purchasing a simple DIY towel rack or shelving unit from a home goods store in the DC area. While there are plenty of basic systems out there, not one shelving unit exists to specifically fit your custom space with your unique needs.

Basic units are fine—if you don’t mind underutilized space and having to fit your linens into shelving units made for towels or t-shirts. Custom closet organizers, however, can help you utilize your entire space while making sure to design an organizational flow that maximizes your morning routine. Whether you build out floor-to-ceiling storage on your walls or decide to install an island in your closet, you want to use metal tab shelf supports, dovetail drawer boxes, and metal cams to quality and style. Your experience from the time you exit the shower to the time you walk out of your closet will be more functional and enjoyable when you utilize a custom design to specifically fit your unique needs.

custom walk in closet

Designing Your Custom Bathroom Walk-In Closet

There are many unique options that you can choose that represent your design and style, but also address organization and storage needs specific to you. Whether you want a built-in island for added table space, drawers for added storage, or a vanity to prep for the day, a custom closet design for your bathroom with a walk-in closet will fit your unique design and vision.

Looking forward to creating your own custom walk-in closet? Reach out today and schedule a free design consultation with Closet America. We’ll meet with you in your home (anywhere in the DC Metro Area) to create a truly jaw-dropping solution to your dual storage challenge. We’re excited to partner with you in your journey toward creating a productive, flowing, and beautiful space.

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