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Custom Closet Remodeling is a Relief to DC Area Families

4 minute read, by Closet America, on Feb 9, 2018

A custom closet remodel is the perfect way to prep your home for the first busy months of the year in Washington DC.

The busiest time of the year is over for DC area families. Or is it? Winter basketball leagues are just now beginning, baseball preseason tournaments are weeks away, and spring break keeps us all peering toward the horizon. Parents of school-age children in the DC area know firsthand what it’s like to have a hectic schedule year-round—and what this chaos can do to your dream of an organized home.

This time of year, three key areas of the home (entryway, kids’ bedroom closets, and the main living space) tend to be overrun with leftover holiday clutter and new semester school gear. Before you take your entire house by storm with a spring cleaning frenzy, take a moment to consider giving these spaces some functional improvement. Custom shelving systems provide a serious organizational overhaul for busy families in Washington DC, and are the perfect first step toward preparing your home for the first busy months of the year.

custom mudroom cabinets

Raise Your Entryway Expectations

Late winter in the District is full of fun events that your family might want to attend. From the Chinese New Year firecracker on H Street to restaurant weeks in every suburb and Mardi Gras parades along the waterfront, there’s no shortage of reasons to keep your family coming and going. Combined with the daily grind of school, sports, and arts extracurriculars, your entryway can turn into a very messy welcoming sight.

With the addition of a custom mudroom shelving system, you will finally be able to corral the clutter in a way that works for every member of your family. Specialized cubbies for each child hold their school bags, with hooks that streamline the ever-growing pile of jackets they’ll need this season. Chrome pull out baskets help wrangle other hard-to-store items like sports gear and uniforms. Add a bench seat and a designated area for storing rainy winter footwear and you’ve got the perfect foundation for building new patterns of tidiness for your family.

custom reach in closet

Dig Into Your Kids’ Closet Design

Kids’ closets turn into messy black holes without proper structure—every busy parent knows this truth. While it’s not easy to inspire a deeply rooted sense of cleanliness in each of your pre-teen children, giving their closet a well-organized storage system will work wonders for their clutter. When there’s a clear and easy place for every item in their closet, it’s easy to keep everything in its place perfectly. That’s what custom closets are for.

Tackling this major organizational challenge is a lot easier with the help of a qualified clutter-vanquishing professional. You don’t even have to remove anything from the closet before your consultation with a Closet America designer—in fact, it’s best if you don’t. Together you’ll evaluate all the items that your kids actually store in that space and create an accurate plan of attack that will help tidy everything up. Adding double hanging rods, custom adjustable shelves, and soft-close drawers will help you maximize the available storage volume in even the smallest reach-in closet.

custom media center shelving

Upgrade Your Family’s Living Space

Finish up your late-winter organizational spree with a remodeling project that will really make a visible change in your family’s living area: a custom media center. Many families struggle with clutter from game consoles, media players, audio equipment, and all the myriad of small stackables that come with each technology. A custom media center with the perfect mix of open and closed shelving will let you hide what you don’t want to see every day behind stylish (and functional) cabinet doors.

The best part about adding a custom shelving system to your living space is that you save so much space with the necessary entertainment that there’s finally room to display the items that make your family room unique. Whether that’s family photos, travel albums, books, or miscellaneous art pieces, the open shelving spaces in your custom media center are the perfect place to display your family’s personality. It’s a sophisticated step up that will make your home truly feel like new going into the spring season.

custom reach in closet organization

Starting With Custom Closet Remodeling

Busy families everywhere understand that time is a limited resource. That’s why we recommend you leave this organizational overhaul to the expert designers in the DC area. They’ll assess your family’s needs, draft an elegant design that perfectly aligns with your style, and install a product that will last the entire life of your home. No DIY weekends in the rain for you and your spouse—this project is stress-free and completely worth waiting for.

If you’re looking for a way to relieve some of the clutter chaos in your Washington DC home this winter, it’s time to sign up for your free design consultation with Closet America. At a time and date that works for you, a design expert will meet in your home anywhere in the District to discuss your storage challenges. With a system that meets both your budget and your ideal vision of your dream home, you’ll be able to finish out the winter more organized—and less stressed—than ever before.


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