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Your Dream Closet is Possible With Custom Solutions to Common Closet Problems

5 minute read, by Closet America, on Feb 9, 2018

For every organizational hurdle standing between you and creating your dream closet, there’s a custom design solution.

Everybody has issues—closet issues, that is. Whether you’re dealing with slanted ceilings, irregularly-shaped floor space, too-small closets, or a spouse whose wardrobe takes over the world on a daily basis, no home is perfect. Often, the very dimensions of your custom closet are holding you back from having a more functional storage system.

Despite all these obstacles, it’s still possible to get the closet of your dreams. If you’re really serious about overcoming closet challenges, the best strategy is one that is customized to your exact needs and circumstances. A custom closet system designed by a home organization expert will do wonders for fixing the most common closet problems you might be facing. Want proof? Read on to see how Closet America designers tackle the most common closet problems with custom design.

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Problem: A Need for Increased Storage Space

Solution: Reach Higher With Closet Design

Custom closet designers are experts in doubling and even tripling the usable storage space in a room. One surefire way to increase potential volume and hanging space is to build shelves upward to utilize all vertical wall space. One designer explains, “Oftentimes, people only have that standard bar around the perimeter of the room. I like to go higher. Using double hangs increases a lot of volume and allows me to give them those extra little things they want like drawers and shoe shelves below.”

Problem: Sharing the Closet with Someone Else

Solution: Own Up and Ask for Help

More and more people share closet space with their spouse—especially in the DC metro area, where square footage can be scarce. We often meet clients who feel guilty for taking up 80% of the closet space, wanting to give some of that space back to their partner. If you’re the one going down to the spare room or basement to get dressed in the morning, you understand this issue firsthand.

Another Closet America employee encourages his clients to own up to their shortcomings and get a design that’s true to their real-life wardrobe. “They’re embarrassed to admit they have an organization problem in front of their husbands, and I get it—but often he has just as many ties as she has shoes! So it’s a fair game. That’s when they call us to come in and help.”

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Problem: Owning Way Too Many Shoes

Solution: Do the Math on the Top Shelf

Clients who have “too many shoes” are usually just struggling to store their collection in a way that makes functional and organizational sense. One of our designers tackles this common problem head-on by including a bank of shoe shelves for the most commonly-worn pairs and installing a top shelf, two shoe boxes in height, close to the ceiling.

“Their closet will only hold a certain number of shoes, mathematically speaking, which means the rest need to be stored creatively. In my experience, clients’ husbands love the top shelf strategy because the shoes aren’t on the floor anymore and they’re not tripping over each pair. It works out quite well in most scenarios.”

Problem: Structural Difficulties in the Closet Space

Solution: Hire a Creative Closet Design Expert

Homeowners are often surprised to discover that issues inherent in their home’s construction can actually be remedied. Our clients are used to accepting those problems, but Closet America designers claim that space back and utilize its full potential. Often, clients are shocked to discover they don’t have to deal with an access panel, roof eaves, or other minor annoyances anymore, now that their custom closet flows seamlessly around them.

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Problem: Poor-Quality Shelving Chips and Sags

Solution: Invest in Custom Thermally Fused Laminate

Prefabricated organization products often fall apart rather quickly. Other closet companies are still hand-cutting with ricketer saws, producing an uneven cut that’s not as fine or smooth. This creates problems with chipping or peeling of the product over time. But with a truly custom system from Closet America, you don’t have to worry about your product being damaged. We house every step of the process under one roof at our Lanham, MD factory and showroom, which means the quality of our product is far superior to what you’d find at Home Depot. Our machines make even cuts with diamond-encrusted drill bits. Your closet (and your investment) is going to last forever.

Problem: Ongoing Organization Woes After the Project is Done

Solution: Keep up a Relationship with Your Design Expert

At Closet America, we’re known for providing excellent customer service. Some of our clients call us back over and over again to renovate new rooms in their home, and part of that is due to the relationship we build with each individual who joins our community. As one of our top designers says:

“I really don’t want to let my clients down. This custom closet is a dream for them, and a luxury item they’ve been thinking about for a long time. It’s like they’ve been driving around in a Ford forever and now finally get their first Lexus. They want everything to be perfect and beautiful.

“So when they have a question or concern, I’m always there to answer. We don’t let anything slide. Sometimes I’ll even go back to show them tricks on how to better organize their new closet. I consider myself a professional organizer and a closet designer. I really enjoy it and I think a lot of my clients love me for it because I’m always giving them tips.”

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Achieving Your Dream Closet

Just because you deal with common closet problems doesn’t mean you won’t find the perfect solution. At Closet America, we’re in the business of turning dreams into reality, and we love the surprise and excitement that comes along with that process. Your dream closet doesn’t have to be set aside entirely because you have too many shoes or are dealing with a sloped ceiling. With a creative partnership and a truly unique custom closet design, these problems become surprisingly easy to solve.

Want in on the action? We’d love to help you create your dream closet, and welcome the challenge of tackling whatever problems stand in your way. Schedule a free design consultation with Closet America today, and we’ll send a design expert to your DC-area home. Together you can assess and address every issue until all you’re left with is a closet that’s even better than you could have imagined.


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